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Short software news (29.12.2003) (Update)
The following applications and updates were released over the last few weeks:
Update: (29.12.2003, 17:45,cg)
Amendment: There is now new version of vbcc (see below) available, but a new version of the PosixLib for vbcc.
Version 1.001 of AmigaMARK, a benchmark program, is now available for AmigaOS Classic and MorphOS.

The French developer SixK released a port of the shoot'em'up Chromium (v0.9.12) for AmigaOS. The game is using OpenGL.

GameIcons 2003
The archive GameIcons 2003 contains 275 icons, 150 of them are new.

Matthias Bethke released version 0.930 of the HTML preprocessor 'HTML Sucks Completely' (HSC). The source code can be compiled on every supported OS, these are Linux, HP/UX 10.20 and AmigaOS. A HTML program documentation is available, too. Furthermore the archive contains current Prefs and macro files.

Stephan Rupprecht released version 45.11 of 'ilbmdtPPC', an ILBM-PPC-Datatype for displaying IFF-ILBM-pictures on WarpUP.
fixed decoding of truecolor images with alpha

Software by Diego Casorran
Diego "dcr85020" Casorran released ports of the following programs: OpenSSH v3.7.2p2, bzip2 v1.0.2, NetPBM v10.18.4, OpenSSL v0.9.7c, UnRAR v3.30b3, Wget v1.9.1 und cURL v7.11-BETA.

A new version of PosixLib for 'vbcc', a portable ISO C compiler by Frank Willes, is now on hand. PosixLib emulates important POSIX functions not available in the vbcc C library. (nba) (Translation: sk)

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