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Executive Update

Executive Update May 30,2000


Many people have been writing to me recently, reminding me that there has been very little activity as far as site updates go. While this is not intended as the official Executive Update, I just want to make sure everyone knew that there has, in fact, been a great deal of activity going on at Amiga since the Amiga 2k show in Saint Louis a few months ago. As usual, there are things that we aren't ready to discuss, but never mistake our silence for being "asleep".

Officially you can watch the site for the new Executive Update, new developer and application information, as well as several other updates which will be posted on June 3rd, 2000.

In the next Update, you can expect to see much more information and details about our immediate plans than this message will have. While we could have waited another week or so to post the next Update, I thought the community needed to hear from us, to let you know what we can at the moment, and to ask you to be patient, just a little bit longer.

One critical area that needs to be addressed right now today is the Amiga name, trademarks, logos, and intellectual properties. Many of you have sent me notes asking us to take action against those who are making illegal copies of our software, using our name without permission, and the distributing our intellectual property without our knowledge and consent.

While this might seem negative for many, it is imperative that Amiga properly and legally defend our trademarks and intellectual property. To be blunt and to the point, if you are using the Amiga name, Amiga logos, or distributing our intellectual property without a license, you must cease and desist these actions immediately. Amiga Incorporated owns the aforementioned items and all rights contained therein.

We understand that many of you have worked very hard to maintain a community, the spirit, and all we know Amiga as today. Unfortunately, there are many people, sites, and even companies out there who are using the Amiga name in a detrimental fashion, and in negative ways. Some have even sought to use the Amiga name to further their own goals and products. Because of this and because international trademark laws mandate it, we must make sure that anyone using our name, logos, or trademarks in any fashion is properly licensed by us.

Okay, now that we've said that, here's the Amiga SDK (Software Developers' Kit)!

On April 1st, 2000, at the Amiga 2k show, Amiga Inc. announced the developer box and our partnership with the TAO group in England. To be quite honest, the number of developers who approached us at the show and shortly thereafter wanting to purchase the Software Development Kit (SDK) separately from the hardware to run on your own machines took us completely by surprise.

Well, we listened and in only a few days will be releasing to manufacture the new Amiga SDK.

More information will be on the site the weekend of June 3rd.

Please note that the SDK will sell for $99 U.S.. The SDK will be available from your Amiga retailer, and other sources soon-to-be announced.

Things really are happening at Amiga, there are new applications, new employees, new partnerships, and new products.

The year 2000 truly is going to be a very exciting time. I look forward to meeting with many of you over the coming months at the different trade shows, different events, by phone, by fax, and by e-mail. I can promise you that with the release of the SDK you'll begin to see Amiga get much more aggressive and move much faster towards the future.

Thank you again for your continued support, and make sure to check the site the weekend of June 3rd.

Bill McEwen, and the rest of the Amiga team.

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