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19.08.2014: What do you think about WinUAE and FS-UAE having a PPC emulation integrated that might be fast enough one day to make AmigaOS 4 usable?
I will buy the 'Classic' edition of AmigaOS 4.1 as soon as the emulation is fast enough:    437  (51,3%) 
I think this is good news for AmigaOS 4 - but I already use it on real hardware so I'm not interested in this development:    83  (9,7%) 
I think this is good news for AmigaOS 4 - but I'm not (or no longer) interested enough to actually by the operating system:    88  (10,3%) 
I think this is going to hurt AmigaOS 4 - e.g. people using pirated copies, shrinking hardware sales etc.:    42  (4,9%) 
AmigaOS 4 has no real future - it doesn't matter if it runs on real hardware or an emulator: it won't go anywhere:    135  (15,8%) 
I don't expect the emulation to become fast enough in the near future to properly use AmigaOS 4 on WinUAE:    67  (7,9%) 
Total votes:  852

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