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Graphic program: Concept for "Action Paint"
Under the title link Thilo "Der Wanderer" Köhler has published a concept for a new, open source graphic program called "Action Paint" which will be supposed to be developed with AmiBlitz - feedback or support are very welcome. (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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09.May.2008 (Webseite)

Sony PSP: Amiga Theme
For users of the portable game console PSP developed by Sony there is an AmigaSYS-4-inspired theme. Content:
  • Extra Theme Backdrops by Dary (Backdrop & Backdrop2) & Effron/BNS (Retroback)
  • Theme backdrop (Original backdrop) by Rolpho of D6 Entertainment
  • AmigaSYS 4 Theme (for SONY PSP V3.80+) by FOL
  • Original DUALPNG icons by Ken Lester
  • Original Real IconZ by Tony Gore
(snx) (Translation: (dr)

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Michael Böhmer (ANF)

Zorro II/III DMA USB 2.0 controller for all Zorro-Amigas
Press release: E3B (Michael Böhmer) and PCP (Chris Hodges) are pleased to announce a new USB controller for Amiga Classic after a long period of research: the DENEB USB 2 controller supports Zorro III and Zorro II Amigas.

For further details please have a look at the complete press release on the website.

The DENEB is sold by E3B and some other dealers. (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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