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07.Jul.2019 (Forum)

Video: Retro Recipes got "Team 17" developer Amiga 4000
Christian 'Perifractic' Simpson has a video series called "Retro Recipes" which is dedicated to projects about classic computers. The last episode is about the Amiga 4000 which he received as a gift by a former Team-17 developer.

On the computer he found some FMV-Mesh files of the first Worms game. Among others the whole bundle contains ten harddrives, backup tapes, Team-17 disks and a pencil drawing of Worms. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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31.May 2019
Martin Wolf (ANF)

"Officially licensed" Commodore jerseys on Amazon
On Amazon, "Score Draw" offers retro jerseys of German soccer clubs, among others also red and white jerseys with "Commodore" logo. In contrast to jerseys of other teams, these are not complete copies of the original jerseys: on the "official Commodore retro jerseys from 1986" (product description of the producer) the logo and the name of the corresponding club are missing - the FC Bayern M√ľnchen is not mentioned even in the article description.

Obviously the license for the brand of the Munich team would have been to expensive - since Score Draw does promoting his article as "officially licensed" it is probable that he reached an agreement with the owner of the Commodore brand rights. What the original Bayern jersey looked like you can see on the website of the Trikot-Museum. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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19.May 2019
Ultimate Creative (ANF)

Music: Teaser video for Crunch by Pseudaxos
After "Loading" in 2016 and "Loading MegaWatts Edition" in 2018, Pseudaxos is going to release a new album produced by Ultimate Creative this year. By their own account, all musics are fully composed on Amiga. At the title link, a video teaser has been published. (snx)

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