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jPV RNO (E-Mail)

Event: "Finnish Amiga Users Group" at Vectorama 2024
Last weekend, Vectorama 2024, an online gaming event aimed at people of all ages, took place in Oulu (Finland). The Finnish Amiga Users Group was also there, organising an Amiga stand at the gaming event.

There were high score competitions in Blocky Skies and Volfied, and 8 player tournament in Stunt Car Racer (the Turbo version of the game with two A1200/030@50MHz setups and null-modem link). The stand featured several A1200 setups (with Blizzard 1230 accelerators and PiStorm32-lite), A500 with Gotek, THEA500 Mini, and two MorphOS setups for entering scores and displaying a live leaderboard and other information on big screens.

The latest videos and photos from the event have now been uploaded to the Finnish Amiga Users Group event page, such as this photo report. (dr)

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Sven Scheele (ANF)

Event: Interface XXXVIII in Kiel, Germany, on 22.06.2024
Sven Scheele writes: On Saturday, June 22, 2024, the second "Interface" in 2024 will take place in Schwentinental near Kiel, Germany. This will be the 38th edition of the retro computer get-together. As always, the organizers are the Vintage Computer Club (VCC), the Amiga Club Schleswig-Holstein (ACSH) and the Computer Club Klausdorf (CCK).

Registration by e-mail to is recommended. Without registration there is no guarantee of a free place.

There are again two large rooms available. The café on the first floor (as a "workshop" for hardware projects, repairs, etc.) and the top floor offer enough space to talk and play on the computers and consoles you have brought with you. Participants must bring their own power strips and network cables.

The official start is at 2 p.m., the organization team will begin setting up the tables etc. at around 12 noon. The venue is the Jugendhaus Klausdorf, Dorfstraße 101 in Klausdorf, which is part of 24222 Schwentinental. (snx)

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Demoparty: Results of "68k Inside"
The "68k Inside" demoparty took place in Finland last weekend. Among other things, competitions in the "Intro" and "Demo" categories took place there. The organisers have now published the results lists. Amiga productions also made it to the top places:

Intro Demo
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 -> ... 15 185 361

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