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Amiga-News celebrates 15th anniversary
In late summer of 1998 Petra Struck began to publish news about the Amiga on here private website. The oldest news message is from August  13th - the regular news then started to be published in September.

Right from the beginning a whole team was involved in editing the news: From August 1998 Christoph Dietz has been responsible for the technical issues, the first translator joined the team in February 1999. The member who has been for the longest time part of the team and still active, is Sven Drieling, who in June 1999 started as an editor and for several years has developed the software of Amiga-News as programmer.

There was a time, the access figures of the website could compete with those of other platforms, a seperate server could be financed by the adverts of different Amiga traders placed on the start page. More than 20 persons joined the team - among others a cartoonist, a reader as well as a lot of translators: For a while Amiga-News was available not only in German and English, but also in French, Polish, Japanese or Turkish and Flemish.

10 years ago we all hoped that the Amiga market would recover but it has not - for fifteen years Amiga-News has documented the transformation of an actual market - with companies and its press releases, proper fairs, commercial product as well as differnt developers - to a hobby, which basically is kept alive by fans who support the platform in the spare time.

This transformation also affected Amiga-News: The team now consists of seven persons and for a very long time the maintenance of the website is underfunded. If you want to support us then you are very welcome to make a little donation which is linked on the start page of the website. At the best of times, more than 300 news have been reported per month. Today averagely 70 news per month are published.

But we all still enjoy the Amiga and we are a happy to continue to provide you with the latest news. Therefore we want to thank all our loyal readers so much and wish you a happy reading with Amiga-News during the next fifteen years. ;-) (cg) (Translation: dr)

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07.Jun.2013 Old news imported to database
Just like many other websites, from 1998 until 2001 mainly worked with static HTML-sites which at that time were maintained with GoldEd and some ARexx-macros. Since January and June 2001, the German and English sections have been using a tailor-made database solution which was created by Sven Drieling.

Now Christoph Gutjahr and Sven Drieling have integrated all 10.000 news from the "static phase" of Amiga-News into the database. Among others, about 900 HTML-files had to be converted and refered - additionally the server now manages many redirections for as many as possible external links are supposed to stay valid.

Altogether, the Amiga-News database includes almost 50.000 news. A little walk through our archives always is a worthwhile delight - for you can find sad and still more sad news as well as very appropriate comments or some crazy news. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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On our own account: Server failure due to hardware problems
Yesterday could not be accessed for about 14 hours: After a failed filesystem check our server went offline.

Under the title link you can comprehend how our server provider Dreamhost tried to solve the problem. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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