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Archive 11/2023


Preview video: Temptations port for CD32
The developer 'S0Y' is working on his CD32 port of Temptations, the platform game originally released for MSX-1 in 1988 ( reported) and now has published another preview video showing the first draft of the sixth level. (dr)

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Visual Novel: Mansion of Madness for Apollo V4
In mid-September, Sami Vehmaa released his first Visual Novel game, "Mansion of Madness" (YouTube video). He has now added a version for the Apollo V4 accelerator cards. (dr)

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Pseudo chunky screens on AGA Amigas: PED81C updated
With PED81C ("Pixel Elements Dots, 81 Colors") by Simone 'saimo' Bevilacqua there is an approach to work on AGA Amigas with pseudo-native chunky screens without performing the known chunky-to-planar conversions when displaying 3D graphics or any other slowing down additional calculations by CPU or custom chips (Copper, Blitter) at all ( reported). Now he has added a Voxel engine to his project and demonstrates it in a YouTube video. Other changes:
  • Fixed some palette values in a table in the documentation.
  • Added formulas for calculating DIWSTRT, DIWSTOP, DIWHIGH, DDFSTRT and DDFSTOP to documentation.
  • Replaced fixed values with the aforementioned formulas in the AMOS Professional source code example.

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Video: Repairing an Amiga 2000
In his latest video, Robert Smith shows how he gets a non-working Amiga 2000, which he received for his birthday, up and running again. (dr)

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Game development: Color Palette Mixer for Aseprite
Two weeks ago, we reported on a script that converts graphics created using Aseprite into an IFF/ILBM file. In the German comments, Thomas 'imagodespira' Claus pointed out that "Aseprite always works in 24 bit." As a result, "Prismatic Realms" has now published a second script with which you only have 4096 colours to choose from.

When executed, a dialogue window presents a retro colour palette and a mixer, an RGB slider known from the Amiga with 4-bit granularity (i.e. values from 0 to 15 for each colour component). The palette mixer supports 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 (Extra HalfBrite) colour palettes without alpha channels and ensures that all colours on the palette conform to the Amiga's 16-bit colour palette restrictions. There is also a button that resets the colour palette to Deluxe Paint V's default palette. (dr)

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Mod player: HippoPlayer 2.59
Kari-Pekka Koljonen, the developer of the Amiga-MOD players HippoPlayer, has released an update to version 2.59. Changes:

  • Patternscope and AHX modules: Fix bug which caused track 0 sometimes not being displayed.
  • Info window: Fix PSID song speed information sometimes showing wrong values.
  • Prevent jam when receiving no results from recent stations search.
  • Allow MS-DOS line changes in playlist/module program files.
  • Info window: Allow mousewheel to work with scrolling the content.
  • Commandline parameters: If started with "QUIT" and there is no existing HiP instance running, do not start a new one.
  • Keep list on exit: when starting HiP with commandline/icon modules as parameters do not lose the kept list, instead append to the end.
New features:
  • Scopes: When paused display the paused contents instead of the Hippo gfx.
  • MED/OctaMED: Display song length and channel count for multichannel modules.
  • Patternscope now supports MED and OctaMED modules, up to 18 channels visible. "mini4" font is needed to display more than 8 channels as before.
  • STIL support added for use with the High Voltage Sid Collection.
  • PSID improvements with the updated playsid.library v1.6:
    • SIDBlaster support upgraded by Erique, now faster and much less likely to cause jams. A 68020 should be enough for normal playback, previously a faster CPU was needed.
    • reSID mode now supports playsid-style digisamples, as heard for example in tunes like "Skate Or Die" and "Arkanoid".
    • "Prefs/Play-2/reSID boost" can be used to boost the volume in reSID mode.
    • The library also now works on kickstart 1.3 in the original playback mode, no need to have a separate kick1.3 lib version.
    • Improved configuration with environment variables, if not using with Hippo.
  • MIDI file playback support:
    • "Prefs/Play-2/MIDI mode" setting chooses which mode is active.
    • Serial output mode using Alastair M. Robinson's "delimidi" player. This will use MIDI equipment connected to the serial port for playing.
    • Paula/AHI output mode using either Timidity Amiga port by Philipp Grosswiler or GMPlay by Christian Buchner.
    • Scopes, song end detection, AHI output supported.
  • Console music playback support using the "vgm2wav" application

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PDF magazine: Commodore Free, issue 97
After a break of more than six years (issue 96), the English-language PDF magazine "Commodore Free" is back: as editor Nigel Parker reports, the original website was hacked via a PHP script and all files were deleted. "Scopperdive LTD" has restored the original website and updated it so that it is easier to read on mobile devices and smaller screens. Even though he suffered numerous strokes of fate during the long hiatus, he decided to revive the magazine, also encouraged by countless emails, and offers a colourful bouquet of topics on Commodore and Amiga computers in this issue. (dr)

[News message: 28. Nov. 2023, 09:28] [Comments: 1 - 30. Nov. 2023, 05:16]
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