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Archive 08/2023


Frogger clone: Frogger (beta version 2)
Frogger (YouTube video) is supposed to be a 1:1 conversion of the 1981 Konam game ( reported). Now a second beta version has been released with the following changes:
  • a handful of sound fx
  • Joystick on port 2 is supported
  • removed some logical bugs
  • Increased game stability on A600/A1200

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GUI for Greaseweazle Tools : FluxMyFluffyFloppy V5.0.1 for Windows (update)
Just the other day, in an article about setting up a Greaseweazle V4, we mentioned the graphical user interface FluxMyFluffyFloppy for the Greaseweazle Tools. Now 'FrankieTheFluff' has released version 5.00, which for the first time also includes the source code. The other changes:
  • Infobox: GNU General Public License
  • Infobox: "Uses UnTerminal 1.0..."
  • TConsole instead of TProcess (using "UnTerminal 1.0")
  • Options: Select location folder of the templates
  • Application: Starts without selection of the first available template (read/write)
  • Application: Added missing groupbox captions
  • Fixed form resize
  • Read: New execution dialog with visualized reading tracks and logging
  • Read: Correct behaviour of dropdown when changed ("Internal"/"diskdefs") with mousewheel
  • Write: Correct behaviour of dropdown when changed ("Internal"/"diskdefs") with mousewheel
Update: (21:09, 31.08.23, dr)

Meanwhile version 5.0.1 is available:
  • Read: Saving template in default instead of defined (options) templates-folder
  • Write: Saving template in default instead of defined (options) templates-folder
  • Write: Changing template didn't refresh
  • Wrong version description

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Video tutorial: Creating a vertical scrolling demo with Scorpion Engine
Erik 'earok' Hogan has posted on YouTube a recording of a Twich stream showing how to create a vertically scrolling demo from scratch on the Amiga (and Sega Mega Drive) using the Scorpion Engine.

As the developer explains, the Amiga has no native support for column scrolling, but it does have the ability to display sprites with infinite height, which makes it possible to emulate the effect. The demo versions for the Amiga and the Sega Mega Drive look the same, but the setuo is fundamentally different. (dr)

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Video tutorial: The Blitz Basic tool "Drawer Helper"
Rob 'daedalus2097' Cranley has streamed another part of his Blitz Basic tutorial on Twitch ( reported) and made it available on YouTube: this time he dedicates himself to his second contribution to the Amiga Tool Jam after Closer, the tool "Drawer Helper" which is currently under development.

The basic idea of the Commodity is to integrate a little of the functionality of Directory Opus into the Workbench. When a window is open, pressing F1 gives a small toolbar and thus the functionality to, for example, refresh the window, create/delete a folder or insert files. (dr)

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PDF converter: PDF2JPG V1.1 for AmigaOS 3 and 4 and MorphOS
Bernd Assenmacher is in the process of completing his small collection of PDF tools or converters: after Image2PDF (converts images into PDFs), PDF2PDF (converts PDFs into copy-protected PDFs), he has now released PDF2JPG, with which one can convert the images contained in PDFs into JPG images. After the tool was already available for MorphOS, he has now also released versions for AmigaOS 3 and 4 and also fixed some minor bugs. (dr)

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Thorsten Mampel (ANF)

Event: Developers and shops at Amiga-Meeting Nord in Neumünster (Germany)
Thorsten Mampel, president of the Amiga club Hamburg, writes: "Besides Matthias Goldisch from 'HobbyRaum - Ihr Retropartner' we are happy that Simon Neumann from Alinea Computer has announced his appearance and will also set up his store at the Amiga-Meeting Nord.

We are especially happy that Matthias Heinrichs (Matze from the A1k forum) can make it this year and will visit us at the meeting on Saturday and Sunday. His extensive list of projects/extensions for the Amiga can be admired in the forum there. They enrich many Amigas still in use today." (snx)

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Blog: Protagonists in the creation of a demo (update)
Carl Svensson's latest blog entry is a tribute to the demo scene and in particular to the protagonists necessary to create a demo.

Update: (06:41, 30.08.23, dr)

Carl Svenssons has kindly pointed out that the article is a continuation of his recently published Amiga demo Scene Archetypes (YouTube video). (dr)

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