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Archive 04/2023

Andreas Falkenhahn (ANF)

Hollywood plugin: hURL 2.0 for several data transfer protocols
Press release: Airsoft Softwair, the hardest working men in code business, are back on your screen with a major update of hURL - the ultimate multi-protocol data transfer plugin for Hollywood which allows Hollywood scripts to transfer data using all kinds of different network protocols including full SSL support. Version 2.0 is a major update that has many new features. Here is a list of new features in hURL 2.0:
  • support for more than 50 new curl options
  • support for curl 8.0
  • support for curl's mime and URL interfaces
  • AmiSSL v5 support on 68k and AmigaOS 4
  • MorphOS version uses the system-native openssl3.library instead of AmiSSL now
  • AROS now supported (AmiSSL v4)
  • macOS version supports the ARM64 platform now ("Apple Silicon")
  • almost 100 pages of new documentation
  • bug fixes and other improvements

hURL supports an incredibly wide range of transfer protocols, e.g. DICT, FILE, FTP, FTPS, Gopher, HTTP, HTTPS, IMAP, IMAPS, LDAP, LDAPS, POP3, POP3S, RTMP, RTSP, SCP, SFTP, SMB, SMBS, SMTP, SMTPS, Telnet and TFTP. As with all Hollywood plugins, hURL comes with extensive documentation in various formats like PDF (almost 400 pages!), HTML, AmigaGuide, and CHM that contains detailed descriptions about all functions and methods offered by the plugin.

hURL 2.0 can be downloaded for free under the title link. (dr)

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AROS x86_64: V20230430-1 of ABI-v11 developer branch
The AROS developer Krzysztof 'deadwood' Śmiechowicz had given his stable branch of AROS for 64-bit Intel and AMD processors the code name 'ABIv11' to distinguish it from the in-progress ABIv1 version in the main AROS repository. It has now updated this to version "20230430-1". The new release includes improvements and fixes made since December 2022. Thus, for the first time, the developer also offers an alpha version of an ISO image of AROS, which can be tested in a virtual environment or on real hardware. Changes in detail:

  • Implemented network driver for certain nVidia chipsets (Neil)
  • Synchronize Zune configuration across all builds (deadwood)
  • Restore build and functioning on pc-x86_64 AROS (deadwood)
  • Make native kernel more reselient in case of early error (deadwood, Kalamatee)
  • Added broadcom4400.device network driver (Neil)
  • Synchronize on use of ISO-8859-2 for Polish across all builds (deadwood)
  • First working version of nvme.device is available (Kalamatee)
  • Implemented FORMAT64 and SEEK64 commands in ahci.device (Kalamatee)
  • Stabilized handling of WARM reset, implemented missing shutdown handlers (Kalamatee)
  • Requesters add scroll bars if too much text is shown (Kalamatee)
64-bit support:
  • Correct size of fpos_t and ino_t C library types (deadwood)
ARM support:
  • muimaster.library (bugs: MUI_Request not compiling) (deadwood)
  • Restore build of armhf AROS (deadwood)
  • AROS build system (Kalamatee)
  • ibz 1.2.13 (Kalamatee)
  • libpng 1.6.39 / png.library v53.2 (Kalamatee)
  • freetype 2.13.0 / freetype2.library v6.6 (Kalamatee)
  • libudis86 (Kalamatee)
Functional fixes:
  • Correctly handle __stdiowin when also using C library (deadwood)
  • gl.library (bugs: race condition during initialization) (deadwood)
  • hostgl.library (make it work with newer 64-bit hosts) (deadwood)
  • exec.library (bugs: wrong disassembly due to wrong start address) (deadwood)
  • ata.device (bugs: media insert/eject detection not working) (deadwood)
  • muimaster.library (bugs: MUIA_String_Acknowledge not readable) (deadwood)
  • png.datatype (bugs: 1-bit APLHA pngs not supported) (deadwood)
  • fat-handler (bugs: partition check too strict) (deadwood)
  • InstallAROS (bugs: not working with > 2GB RAM) (deadwood)
  • dos.library (bugs: SFS not working with > 4GB RAM) (deadwood)
  • C:Install-Grub2 (bugs: not working with > 4GB RAM) (deadwood)
  • GCC (bugs: sometimes generates non-loadable executables) (deadwood)
  • Kernel (bugs: wrong configuration of IRQ pins in IO-APIC, TaskReady list damaged) (deadwood)
  • Area.mui (bugs: events sent when not expected to) (deadwood)
  • pciusb.device (bugs: EeePC USB boot not working) (Neil)
  • Register.mui (bugs: tab text cannot be formatted) (deadwood)
  • String.mui, Area.mui, Cycle.mui (bugs: setting same value is causing notification) (deadwood)
  • pciusb.device (bugs: too long boot delay on AspireOne ZG5) (Neil)
  • ntfs-handler (bugs: accessing non existent entries) (Kalamatee)
  • DiskInfo (recognize more filesystems) (Kalamatee)
  • pciusb.device (workaround for MosChip MCS9990, detect addtional ports) (Kalamatee)
  • Kernel (bugs: SSE registers not preserved during interrupt) (Kalamatee)
  • timer.device (bugs: can issues interrupt after warm reboot) (Kalamatee)
  • C:Decoration (bugs: wrong rendering of paletted pngs) (Kalamatee)
  • i8042.hidd (bugs: regression in mouse detection) (deadwood)
  • crt.library (bugs: wrong time returned by clock_gettime) (deadwood)
Stability fixes:
  • graphics.library (bugs: boot driver not unregistered correctly) (deadwood)
  • MultiView (bugs: crash in About window when using amigaguide.datatype) (deadwood)
  • exec.library (bugs: crash when showing disassembly in alert requester) (deadwood)
  • Prefs/ScreenMode (bugs: crash on certain drivers) (deadwood)
  • acpica.library (deadwood)

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Aminet uploads until 29.04.2023
The following files have been added until 29.04.2023 to Aminet:
Envoy_FR.lha             comm/net   9K        French catalog for Envoy 3
Roadshow_FR.lha          comm/tcp   103K      French catalogs for Roadshow        docs/hard  30K   68k Wirelessly controlled HippoPl...
Programming_Docs.txt     docs/lists 4K        Programming Manual URLs Listing.
TankMouse.lha            driver/inp 13K   68k Scroll-wheel driver for TankM...
P96Prefs.lha             driver/vid 81K   68k P96 Preferences Editor
GunFight_OS3.lha         game/2play 4.9M  68k 2 player western game
TilesSlide.lha           game/actio 84K   68k Align 3-4 tiles of the same c...
TinyInvaders.lha         game/shoot 1.7M  68k SPACE INVADERS poor clone in ...
AcesUp.lha               game/think 3.0M  68k Aces Up solitaire card game
AMICUBE.adf              game/think 880K  68k Rubik's Cube for classic Amiga
AMICUBE_NTSC.adf         game/think 880K  68k Rubik's Cube for classic Amiga
IntyColor.lha            gfx/conv   73K   68k Converter from BMP to Intelli...
AmiArcadia.lha           misc/emu   4.6M  68k Signetics-based machines emul...
AmiArcadiaMOS.lha        misc/emu   4.9M  MOS Signetics-based machines emul...
AmiArcadia-OS4.lha       misc/emu   5.1M  OS4 Signetics-based machines emul...
AmiVms.lha               misc/emu   3.8M  68k Simulates OpenVMS commands
Remus_FR.lha             misc/os    10K       French catalogs for Remus & R...
LN22023Collection.lha    mods/misc  35M       4ch LN22023 MED Collection
LN2FinalBattleImprvd.lha mods/misc  125K      4ch LN2FinalBattleImprvd MED
LN2StreetLoaderTuned.lha mods/misc  127K      4ch LN2StreetLoaderTuned MED
SPlay.lha                mus/play   18K   68k A quick 8SVX/ADPCM SamplePlayer
WHDArchiveExtractor.lha  util/arc   7K    68k Automate WHDLoad find and ext...
Image2PDF.lha            util/conv  10M   ALL convert JP(E)Gs and PNGs to PDF
IdentifyLib_FR.lha       util/libs  21K       French catalog and docs for i...
LilCalendar.lha          util/time  3.4M  68k Versatile calender and remind...

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OS4Depot uploads until 29.04.2023
The following files have been added until 29.04.2023 to OS4Depot:
vasmm68k_mot.lha         dev/cro 246kb 4.0 Portable and retargetable assembler
vasmm68k_std.lha         dev/cro 240kb 4.0 Portable and retargetable assembler
vasmppc_std.lha          dev/cro 203kb 4.0 Portable and retargetable assembler
amiarcadia.lha           emu/gam 5Mb   4.0 Signetics-based machines emulator
smb2fs.lha               net/sam 127kb 4.1 Filesystem for accessing files u...
image2pdf.lha            uti/tex 10Mb  4.0 Convert JP(E)Gs and PNGs to PDF

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AROS Archives uploads until 29.04.2023
The following files have been added until 29.04.2023 to AROS Archives:
acesup.i386-aros.lha         gam/car 3Mb   solitaire card game
games_drawer_kensv4.lha      gra/ico 247kb Drawer Games Icons Kens v4 Style
image2pdf.i386-aros.lha      off/dtp 10Mb  convert JP(E)Gs and PNGs to PDF
lilcalendar.i386-aros.lha    uti/wor 3Mb   Calender scheduling and reminder...

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MorphOS-Storage uploads until 29.04.2023
The following files have been added until 29.04.2023 to MorphOS-Storage:
ISOtools.lha              Files/Convert             Couple of tools to conv...
uif2iso_0.1.2.lha         Files/Convert             UIF to ISO converter
ccd2iso_0.3.lha           Files/Convert             Convert CCD (CloneCD) f...
Block_2.05.lha            Files/Tools               Join and split files
Image2PDF_2.1.lha         Graphics/Convert          Convert JP(E)Gs and PNG...
IntyColor.lha             Graphics/Convert          Converter from BMP to I...
ImageCDConvert_1.0.lha    GUI                       A GUI to convert CD images
LilCalendar_2.0.lha       Office/Organizer          Versatile calender and ...

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WHDLoad: New installers until 29.04.2023
Using WHDLoad, games, scene demos and intros by cracking groups, which were originally designed to run only from floppy disks, can be installed on harddisk. The following installers have been added until 29.04.2023:
  • 2023-04-28 fixed: Vixen / She-Fox (Martech Games) 2nd button problem with some pads fixed, slowdown option for fast machines added (Info)
  • 2023-04-28 improved: Max Rally (Fortress) 68020 restriction removed, CD32 version supported (Info)
  • 2023-04-25 improved: Days of Thunder (Mindscape) using fast memory, sound fixed, trainer and manual added (Info)

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Erik Hogan

Game Construction Kit: Scorpion Engine V2023.1
The "Scorpion Engine" developed by Erik 'earok' Hogan allows you to develop games. The engine itself is closed source, all demos and example games are open source. The editor runs under Windows. Graphics are imported as PNG files, levels created by using the editor Tiled eingesetzt. For importing and creating sounds, music and animations the Amiga formats (mod, 8svx, anim5) are used.

Yesterday version 2023.1 was published which additional to the Amiga now also supports the Mega Drive. Changes:
  • Mega Drive support (Beta). Many, but not all, of the demos originally made for Amiga will function on Mega Drive.
  • Improved UI scaling.
  • New "Camera Warp" function for infinite level looping (And top down racing demo to demonstrate this).
  • Ongoing bug fixes and performance improvements.
You can support the developer on his Patreon website. (dr)

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SMB2 handler smb2fs V53.5 for AmigaOS 3/4 and AROS
The Server Message Block (SMB) is a network protocol for file, print and other server services in computer networks and allows access to files and directories located on another computer (Wikipedia entry). Fredrik Wikstrom's SMB2 handler is based on libsmb2 and allows remote access to files via the SMB2/3 protocols ( reported). Changes of version 53.5:
  • Added a MUI password requester for the AROS port (based on code provided by Szilard Biro).
  • Reduced the minimum bsdsocket.library version from 4 to 3 in AmigaOS 3/AROS ports.
  • Merged error requester code from Szilard Biro.
  • Made smb2fs_init() call smb2_set_domain() if url->domain is not NULL.
Requirements: newlib.library V53.40 or later (or V53.30 as included in AmigaOS 4.1 FE) and the filesysbox.library V54.4 or later for AmigaOS 4, filesysbox.library 54.3 or later for AROS and AmigaOS 3 and optional the requester.class (ClassAct/ReAction, for password requester) for AmigaOS 3.


smb2fs.i386-aros.lha (81 KB)
smb2fs.m68k-amigaos.lha (149 KB)
smb2fs.ppc-amigaos.lha (127 KB)

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Programming: Web based m68k assembler editor v2.7.0
Under the title link you can find a webapp to write, run and learn M68K assembly code based on the framework SvelteKit and the programming language Rust ( reported).

Since our last news item, the developer has provided the following changes:

Changed interactive documentation
  • Added side menu to interactive documentation
  • Improved transitions between pages
Bug fixes and more diffings
  • Added status code diffing
  • Fixed bugs in interactive documentation

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Image converter: "DaDither" for Windows
"DaDither" was designed to convert images to formats of various retro platforms, including Amiga. The program allows you to convert graphics for OCS/ECS/AGA, including EHB and HAM modes. Support for PCHG mode is not yet implemented, but is under development. (dr)

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Andreas Magerl (ANF)

Print magazine: Issue 138 of Amiga Future readable online
The German and English issue 138 (May/June 2019) of the print magazine "Amiga Future" can now be read on the magazine's website in the form of image files of the individual pages. Remaining copies of the magazine as well as a higher resolution PDF version can be purchased from the publisher. (snx)

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Frank (ANF)

Puzzle game: Connect v1.3
In the puzzle game "Connect" (screenshots), you have to connect a series of ICs in such a way that each chip receives exactly the number of connections printed on its package. Developer Frank Röger has written about the now released version 1.3:

"Hello Amiga News! 4 weeks ago Virtual Dimension played "Connect" on their channel (YouTube video, German) and came to a positive result. Nevertheless, our sharp eye discovered two inconsistencies which we have fixed with this new version:

1. Resetting the game field
Yes, we have been asked a few times in the past how to reset the playing field. We can now answer this question as follows:

For player 1 this would be the Q key, for player 2 the P key.

2. Locking the joystick button in the result screen in BattleMode
Two players want to play against each other and have selected the mode that one player gets a point if he solved the game field first. The moment player A clicks on Verify and the check is positive, the result screen is immediately displayed.
In our opinion, however, it is unfortunate if player B does not notice this and presses the fire button himself just at the moment when "Solved" is displayed for player A. This causes the fire button to be pressed. This makes the fire button event count as if the result screen is to be closed. This happens especially when things are very hectic. We have solved this problem by displaying the result screen for at least 1 second before a player input is registered.

The update is available for buyers at the title link.

We hope you have fun playing!

Frank" (dr)

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Developer diary: "Settle the World" 04/23
Christian 'TheoTheoderich' Wiegel continues to work on his turn-based building and trading game "Settle the World" ( reported). His latest developer diary entry is about the implementation of the wish expressed by players to be able to send units directly to a specific city:

However, the integration of this function turned out to be much more difficult than expected!

If you want to send a unit to a certain city, this means that there must be a list of the cities that can be reached. But how is this list created? Pathfinding to all of your own cities is impossible, as it would take far too long on the Amiga. I then asked myself how this function works in the games "Colonization" and "Civilization"?

I found out that the different land areas on the map are marked as "continents" (screenshot 1). All contiguous land areas are one continent each. Since land units cannot easily move over water, only cities that are on the same continent as the selected unit can be targets.

Unfortunately, I could not find out how the continents were determined in these old games. Therefore I found my own solution. In AmiBlitz 3 there is a function called "Flood-Fill". This function colours all contiguous areas of one colour. When creating the map in "Settle the World", each land square now gets a continent start value. Then all the squares on the map are scanned. If the square still has the continent start value, the function "Flood-Fill" is applied to this square and colours all squares on this continent in a one random colour. The colour number is then the new continent value. This is done until no square has the start continent value and every land square is assigned to a continent (screenshot 2). This process is repeated again for ocean fields (screenshot 3).

In order to obtain a list of the cities that can be reached in the game, all the player's cities must be scanned in a loop and it must be checked whether these cities are on the same continent as the selected unit. In addition, the distance to the cities is determined by a simple distance check ("as the crow flies"). Cities that are outside the pathfinding range are not listed (screenshot 4).

If the player now selects one of the listed cities as a target, the pathfinding of the unit starts in order to determine a way to this city. If the selected unit is inside a city, it is automatically moved out of the city. This new functionality is very usefull in mid- and late-game to reduce micromanagement.


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