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Archive 08/2022


Programming language: Amiga Blitz Basic 2 Visual Studio Code Ext. 0.7.0
Just a week ago we first reported about Youen Chéné's fork of the Visual Studio Code Extension of 'MickGyver', which provides support for Amiga Blitz Basic 2 (and Amiblitz). In the article the developer indicated to us that a merge of both extensions was the goal. This was put into action today with the release of version 0.7.0, integrating Chéné's fork into the 'MickGyver' extension.

Users who have Chéné's extension installed must uninstall it and install the new joint one. Version 0.7.0 introduces a big new feature: it is now possible to generate bootable ADFs from the current project, without external dependencies. The full documentation for this can be found on GitHub. (dr)

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Programming language: Amiga C/C++ Visual Studio Code Extension 1.5.5
Bartman', member of the demo group 'Abyss', provides with 'amiga-debug' a 'Visual Studio Code' extension for "compiling, debugging and profiling Amiga C/C++ programs compiled by the bundled gcc 11.2 with the bundled WinUAE" (YouTube video). Yesterday version 1.5.5 was released. Changes:
  • NEW: VASM assembler with debugging support
    • GAS keeps the .s extension; VASM uses the .asm extension.
    • VASM has been modified to provide valid DWARF section names to make the extension debugger to work (although you can debug using the official version prefixing code section names with .text).
    • The assembly language provider has been updated to validate assembly sources against either GAS or VASM depending on the source code file extension.
    • Syntax highlighting, symbol search and error squiggles support.
  • NEW: DMA Control shows BltPri
  • NEW: assembly: hover over custom register name to get documentation
  • NEW: assembly: hover over status register bits to get more info
  • FIX: assembly: Find Ctrl+F now case-insensitive
  • FIX: screen: fix sprites over HAM
  • FIX: copper: improve performance
  • NEW: copper: Find Ctrl+F
Parallel to this original expansion there is a fork by David Cañadas Mazo, which focuses less on stability and more on additional features ( reported). Many of his changes flow back into the original extension. Version 1.5.6 was released here yesterday. (dr)

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SCSI-SD adapter: ZuluSCSI firmware 1.0.7
ZuluSCSI is a new generation of file-based SCSI hard disk and CD-ROM drive emulators. ZuluSCSI emulates a SCSI-I or SCSI-2 hard disk using an SD memory card ( reported). The firmware needed for this has been updated several times in the last days.

Changes in v1.0.7:
  • Disable raw fallback when image is specified through .ini
  • Only print warning about unevenly-divisible image sizes when host queries disk with relevant SCSI commands
  • Fix pauses during transfer in PIO mode / Avoid SysTick interrupts during transfers, including with the Akai MPC60 and Kurzweil K2000R, when running firmware version 3.87J
Changes in v1.0.6:
  • Fix timing violation in 10MB/s synchronous mode
  • Perform reads in whole sector blocks by default - this addresses a significant issue with reliable operation on classic Macintosh computers.
Changes in v1.0.5:
  • Added easier-to-use SCSI floppy emulation support. File names beginning with FDxx will be automatically configured as a removable floppy device.
  • Added EXPERIMENTAL raw pass-through mode (without FAT filesystem), commit . If no image files are detected on the SD card, the whole SD card is presented as a single SCSI drive, the size of which will be the entirety of the SD card. Raw pass-through can also be manually specified in config file.

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Platformer: Update for "Bomb Jack Beer Edition" available
"Bomb Jack Beer Edition" was the first game written by Graeme 'McGeezer' Cowie in 2017/2018 and is a remake of Bomb Jack, developed by Tehkan in 1984. As the author writes, in addition to the original version, which is still available, there is also one whose audio is closer to the style of the arcade. In the process, the "Jarre MF2" arrangement has also been removed. Likewise, some changes have also been made to the gameplay, such as the speed at which Jack moves, which is now closer to the arcade game (YouTube video). (dr)

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MorphZone (Webseite)

MorphOS: Email client Iris 1.4
Jacek 'jacadcaps' Piszczek has released version 1.4 of his email program Iris for MorphOS. Among the innovations are the updated WebKit base and the time-shifted sending of emails.

  • Implemented message send scheduling
  • Added 'Edit as New Without Attachments...' to menus
  • Added 'Attach File(s)...', 'Remove Attachments' to the writer window's menu
  • SVG images may now be directly embedded into the email / signature
  • Fixed folder list sort order when adding/enabling accounts
  • Added a check against trying to send an email with no recipients set
  • Brings up an account online when trying to view a message that isn't locally cached
  • Subject line and mail address text encoding fixes
  • Fixed Show/Hide all headers menu state after reloading a message in the same view
  • Added a workaround for broken Subject headers (GMail likes to send them as raw UTF8)
  • Updated WebKit and other base libs
Download: iris.lha (21 MB) (snx) (Translation: dr)

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30.Aug.2022 (Forum)

MorphOS: Web browser Wayfarer 4.0
Jacek 'jacadcaps' Piszczek has released version 4.0 of his web browser Wayfarer for MorphOS. This is now based on WebKitGTK 2.36.3 and also cURL and other libraries have been updated. Furthermore, the HLS stream quality can now additionally be accessed from the media menu.

Download: wayfarer.lha (26 MB) (snx) (Translation: dr)

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Video: Installation of an Amiga 500 in a Checkmate 1500 Plus
In his latest video Jan Beta introduces the "Checkmate 1500 Plus" case and shows how to install an Amiga 500 in it. (dr)

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Farming simulation: New beta version of Farmiga available
The Polish developer 'Tukinem' is writing a farming simulation in AMOS, called 'Farmiga' ( reported). Yesterday a new beta version (28.08.2022) was released. Changes:
  • Full game time is 16 fiscal periods
  • New start screen and main menu of the game
  • When saving and reading, half-crop states are remembered, so you don't lose your crops after saving the game
  • Removed some bugs
Hardware requirements: 1,5MB ChipRAM bzw. 1MB Chip + 0,5MB FastRAM. (dr)

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Video: How FloppyBridge works
In his latest video Robert Smith explains how his project FloppyBridge ( reported) works exactly, by which the emulators WinUAE and Amiberry can work with real floppy disks.
You can support the developer, for example, on his Patreon page. (dr)

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Tim Lenke (ANF)

USB stick/keychains in Amiga-1200 and A500 look
Tim Lenke offers USB sticks in retro design on, which can also be used as keychains. Currently available is, among others, a "Mini Amiga 500", at the Amiga 37 (October 15 and 16, Mönchengladbach) an A1200 version will then celebrate its premiere, which will also be available in the web store after the event.

According to Tim Lenke, the disks, officially licensed by Amiga Corporation, will be injection molded, not 3D printed. There will also be a special "Amiga 37" variant of the A1200 stick that will only be available at the event - Lavago is one of the sponosors of the meeting. (cg)

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