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Archive 06/2022


Programming language: AmiBlitz 3.9.3
At the end of March the new major version 3.9.0 of the programming language AmiBlitz was released. Yesterday a third update with bug fixes was released with version 3.9.3. Changes:
  • fixed a bug that the current directory was not set for the executable when "Compile&Run"
  • fixed a window refresh bug on AmigaOS3.2 when window was moved out of screen
  • fixed a source corruption bug if one clicked in a non existing line (after end of source)
  • fixed a possible crash when doing copy&paste
  • fixed: togglestate of menuentry "generate debug code" was sometimes wrong
  • fixed: console window was not opened at own screen, even if the option was set
  • fixed: changes to current sourceline were forgotten if menu item was selected or user clicked somewhere in source
  • fixed a bug in "screenslib" that always tried to open "cybergraphics.library" even on Kick <3.0-systems
  • changed behaviour of "wzlib": lack of wizard.library will not crash at startup
  • therefore Amiblitz3 will not crash at startup anymore, if wizard.library is not found
  • changed: finally the full rewrite of the eventloop has been completed
  • removed file extention for displaying blitzlibs-list (Library Browser)
  • added display of decimal offset values (Definition Browser)
  • changed: PEDs messages are now displayed in source window, not at screen bar
In addition, the documentation and examples were revised:
  • updated documentation drawers
  • updated autodoc for graphics.library
  • added documentation for RndSeed-command to
  • added some lib-sources from UltimateBlitz3-distribution (internal)
  • added some code examples from original Blitz2-manual


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Event: Demo party 'Evoke' (Cologne, 05.08 - 07.08)
In August, this year's edition of the Evoke scene demo party will take place at the AbenteuerHallenKALK in Cologne (Germany). As usual, various demo, graphics and sound contests will be held. Special categories for retro computers are not planned, 8- or 16-bit productions can be submitted in the category Alternative Platforms - but here you might have to bring your own hardware. (dr)

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Video: Is AROS The Future of Amiga?
In this YouTube video, Dan Wood explores the question of whether AROS, the open source development of the classic Amiga operating system, is a worthy successor to it, and for that looks at the Icaros Desktop distribution. (dr)

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MorphOS: Web browser Wayfarer 3.9
Jacek 'jacadcaps' Piszczek has released version 3.9 of his Wayfarer web browser for MorphOS, which mainly includes changes for media playback. As the author writes, ClearKey encryption is not very popular nowadays, but is still used by some live streaming services. Wayfarer can now play these streams (e.g.
The emulation of touch events makes it possible to search on mobile Youtube again. In this regard, the developer refers to the updated FAQ page: instructions on how to fix Youtube/iOS search and how to use a VPN with Wayfarer (with additional hardware) have been added.

Jacek also thanks everyone who had donated to the project in the last. He said that this is a motivation for further development. Changes:
  • Implemented ClearKey DRM support for HLS media streams
  • Implemented HLS stream quality switching accessible from the media popup
  • Added configurable touch events emulation (think Youtube-Mobile seeking slider)
  • Refactored the HLS player to allow MPEG-TS playback
  • Live HLS streams now start playing closer to the current time
  • Improved stream end position reporting to get some streaming services correctly skip to next stream after playing ads
  • Updated libcurl
Download: wayfarer.lha (26 MB) (dr)

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Amiga Future (website) Amiga Fever issues added (German)
On the computer and video game magazines of the 80s, 90s and early 2000s are preserved in digital form for posterity with the permission of the rights holders. Most recently, Jakob Voos, who once founded the Protovision publishing house with Malte Mundt, gave permission to add all four issues of German magazine Amiga Fever.

So far, however, only the first two issues could be scanned, and help in finding the remaining issues is requested. (snx)

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Review: Workbench distribution AmiKit XE 11.8.0 for Windows
About two weeks ago version 11.8.0 of the workbench distribution AmiKit for Windows/Mac/Linux was released ( reported). Our reader Thomas bought the latest version for his Windows computer and kindly tells us his impressions:

"After the purchase, you will receive an e-mail with the download link quite quickly. Before that you should definitely install VcRuntime, otherwise the installation will fail. The version Amikit 11.5.0 is delivered, which can be updated later. Original Amiga ROMS are necessary, otherwise the installation will fail. In which form or better said from which source the ROM's come, is up to you. Whether Amiga Forever or original AmigaOS (OS 3.1.4, OS 3.2, OS 3.9 etc.) does not matter.

The installation process runs through smoothly. In between, Picasso96 is downloaded and installed independently. After the installation process has run through and Amikit has been loaded, the Morpheus Updater opens automatically. There you can update Amikit 11.5.0 to version 11.8.0. This update is the biggest one (23 MB) and for this reason it seems to cause problems. Always only 12-14 MB arrive. This gave me no peace, so Jan was written to on Discord asking him what the problem could be. He answered promptly and wrote me that a few had the same problem. He then sent me the archive of 11.8.0, since the error could not yet be narrowed down. So I could update to version 11.8.0 myself. Many thanks Jan to the fast and smooth help.

The next step is to install AmigaOS 3.2 and the corresponding update 3.2.1. For this you put all AmigaOS 3.2 ADF's, the Amiga1200.Module, Update3.2.1.lha into the Rabbithole directory and start the Morpheus Updater again. There you can select and install the AmigaOS 3.2 installation. This is done quickly, after an automatic reboot it is freshly installed. So you have the latest AmigaOS running in the WinUAE installation. Amikit uses WinUAE for the AmigaOS emulation on the PC.

So Amikit transforms the PC into a modern Amiga. The Rabbithole is used to start PC programs directly from the AmigaOS. So you can run programs like VLC, Chrome etc. on the screen of the AmigaOS and don't need to switch to Windows. In addition, Amikit is faster than any Amiga hardware depending on the PC model, even if turbo cards etc. are used.

But it will never replace the feeling of real Amiga hardware. But it is not so easy to use it on the go. That's where Amikit makes sense. If you want to use the AmigaOS everywhere, Amikit is a good choice. It is a complete AmigaOS for people with little time and desire to build their own AmigaOS.

For myself it only serves as a replacement to real Amiga hardware. Mainly I use Amikit to transfer files from the PC via NAS to the Amiga and vice versa or when I want to use the AmigaOS mobile. The purchase was worth it."

Herzlichen Dank, Thomas. (dr)

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