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Archive 02/2022


Amiga disks on PC: DrawBridge 2.8.6
Robert Smith's project "DrawBridge" (Disk Reader and Writer Bridge) uses like the similar ADF Drive a microcontroller - in this case an Arduino board - to read and write Amiga floppies with a connected standard PC floppy drive. By means of the plugin FloppyBridge, WinUAE is also officially supported since version 4.9.0. The changes of the current version:
  • Better extraction of disk revolutions and a few bugs fixed
  • Accurate flux extraction available but experimental so you can choose to use it or not (can't handle some long-track disks)
  • Modification of older flux reading method for more better compatability
  • New firmware *1.9.23* includes basic PLL support for UAE to provide better support for games using Weak/Flaky bits
  • Improved IPF & SCP writing by changing some of the parameters
  • Console application now has an icon and version information
  • Tidied up some of the assembly language in the Arduino Sketch

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ACube Systems (Mail)

ACube Systems: Sam460LE boards announced / Pre-order campaign
Press release: After many months, we are so happy to announce we are very close to a production start for a new batch of Sam460 boards. Well, these will not be Sam460 but Sam460LE, i.e. Limited Edition.

Due to the pandemic time and huge delays in delivering hardware components, we had to spend a lot more time than planned to find all components for a production run. Finally, we reached a point where we need your help to start this production.

We are now taking pre-orders for these Sam460LE boards. You can find a pre-order product right now in our online shop.

All Sam460LE bundles are made of:
  • Sam460LE board running up to 1.1 Ghz
  • Micro-ATX form factor with enough space for double slot graphic cards ;-)
  • MicroSD Slot at the rear of the board, so it can operated from the back.
  • 1 backplate
  • AmigaOS 4.1 FE
  • final price is 735 Euros VAT excluded (european countries should add 22% VAT).
Pre-orders will be processed as follows:
  • you can pay now 240 Euros (VAT excluded, see above), for a Sam460 package
  • we'll announce on all social media when the production starts
  • we'll also announce when the production has been completed
  • you will be asked one by one, to complete your payment (basically, the total cost minus what you paid as the pre-order)
  • first payment, first served. We'll ship in the same order we receive the remaining payments.
  • in case you decide to ask for a refund, we'll send your money back without condition.
Note: people that will purchase outside the scope of this pre-order offer will have to pay a final price of 785 Euros for the same product.

We are happy to work with you on this effort to bring more Sam460 boards on the market and we hope you will join us in this project! (dr)

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Commercial RPG: Glamorous Zombie Flakes (OCS/AGA/RTG)
The developers of 'Glamorous Zombie Flakes' describe it as an "oldschool, console-style RPG", where the player must guide a group of models to cure zombies of their bizarre affliction and chase UFOs. The title features more than 30 different zombie types, more than 100 items and a turn-based strategy "intervention" system.

On AGA or RTG machines, the game supports 256 colors. There's a special build for OCS based Amigas that uses the EHB mode featuring 64 colors. 'Glamorous Zombie Flakes' requires a 68040 CPU, 3.5 MB RAM as well as AHI and can be bought from for 14 USD (or any higher amount).

A few days ago, additional "experimental" Amiga builds that run faster on AGA machines and support CD32 joypads have been released. (cg)

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Robert Smith

Video: How Floppy Disk Copy Protection Worked
In the first episode of his two-part series on floppy disks, Robert Smith, best known for his DrawBridge project for reading Amiga floppy disks using a standard PC floppy drive, explained how data is stored on a floppy disk, both physically and computer-wise. In the second episode, he goes into some of the physical copy protection methods used to prevent hard disk duplicates from working. (dr)

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