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Archive 07/2021


Commercial action game: Turbo Tomato Deluxe Collectors Edition
Today Bitmap Soft has released the commercial action game 'Turbo Tomato – Deluxe Collectors Edition' in which you have to try to remove mutated vegetables from the playground using bombs.

The Deluxe collector edition is available for about 29 Euro (plus shipping) and contains the following items:
  • Glossy Big Box
  • Turbo Tomato game on 3.5″ floppy diskette
  • Full-Colour Instruction booklet
  • Turbo Tomato Fridge Magnet
  • Selection of Stickers
  • Glossy A4 single-sided poster
  • Digital download included
Features of the game:
  • Fast one or two player co-op action
  • 35+ levels across four distinct worlds
  • 40+ enemy types and 4 bosses to battle
  • Online global high score table
  • Level code system
The game runs on any Amiga equipped with 1MB Chip RAM and Kickstart 2.0+ and supports harddrive and CD32 installation.

The game also is available for about 12 Euro as digital download. (dr)

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7-bit: Software update for 508i-Wicher cards
7-bit has released a software update to version 2.8b3 for its Wicher 508i cards which fixes a bug in AmigaOS3.2. (dr)

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Print-/PDF Magazine: Amiga Addict, Issue 7
Seventh issue of British magazine "Amiga Addict" is available for pre-ordering. The lead article is about Psygnosis, but there are also articles about the Vampire, a review of Turbo Tomato and a look at how comic books helped sell the Amiga back in the day. This issue has 60 pages and includes an exclusive demo. (dr)

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Top-Down-View-Shooter: New Preview video for 'AlarCity'
Already at the end of 2017 the developers of Pixelglass Games had announced the Top-Down-View-Shooter 'AlarCity'. John Tsakiris now has published a YouTube video "showcasing the transition from the original old 1.0 demo to the new design and direction." The game is being developed using the Scorpion Engine. (dr)

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MorphOS: Reading data of Garmin devices
Carsten Siegners Healthcare "reads data from Garmin devices (smart watches, portable GPS devices and bicycle computers. This data are displayed in a diagram." The first public version 1.0 can read cardiogram (data of the heart), sport, user profile and device info from the hardware. The latest MorphOS-Version 3.15 is required. (dr)

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Andre Ravalico (ANF)

Videos: New channel CommoGuru (german)
At the title link, Andre 'Wollny' Ravalico has started a german YouTube channel called "CommoGuru". His aim are more in-depth reports compared to other videos about Commodore.

For now there are two videos of almost 45 minutes each about the Amiga CD≥≤ and the Amiga 1200. Depending on reception, more will follow. (snx)

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ACube Systems: New online shop / Sam460cr boards still not available
Press release, 29. July 2021:

"ACube Systems it’s pleased to announce the opening of its new online store.
In the new store customers will find the current lineup of ACube hardware ranging from barebones motherboards to accessories. Everything you’ll need to enjoy your AmigaOS / MorphOS experience with the usual quality and reliability you expect from several years of experience.

Please note:
 Registered users of the old shop have been automatically imported, but we highly recommend all users to check their accounts, especially the shipping address, and correct any errors they should see."

The new batch of Sam460cr boards, announced at the end of March, still are not available.
But at least all three motherboards listed in the section Sam motherboards have price labels: All price quotations are inclusive AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition. As far as there are new information regarding the availability of the boards, we of course will inform our readers. (dr)

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Patrick Nevian

Tales of Gorluth III: Development status and survey
In January 2019 the third part of Tales of Gorluth Saga was announced. In April of the last year the developer Patrick Nevian (AMIworx) informed that the third part is being ported to the Scorpion Engine.

Now Nevian has asked all users who have pre-ordered the game how to proceed. The developer kindly allowed us to publish this mail:

"Dear Gorluth fans!

It´s been a while since my last update email. I told you about TOGIII being converted to the Scorpion Engine. The advantages are obvious: 50 fps, better graphics, etc.

My Backbone version of TOGIII has been finished for a while now. Erik keeps improving Scorpion and the features are impressive. The implementation process will take some time, as Erik is working on more than one project.

Now my question to you: Do you still want to wait for the greatly improved Scorpion version, or do you want the unoptimized Backbone version?

I will discuss a deadline with Erik soon so that the Gorluth series can be completed one way or another. I´m looking forward to your feedback!"

He also invites all other users and potential purchasers of the game to give feedback. (dr)

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29.Jul.2021 (forum)

Emulator: QEMU 6.1 emulates Pegasos II
Two days ago, release candidate 1 of version 6.1 of the emulator QEMU has been published, including now the possibility to also emulate bplan's PowerPC mainboard Pegasos II.

Besides the AmigaOne X5000 and the already emulated mainboard Sam460ex, Pegasos II is the only further platform running MorphOS as well as AmigaOS 4.1, barring original Amiga computers with corresponding accelerator boards, which, despite internal maintenance, are not officially supported anymore since MorphOS 1.4.5. (snx)

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Lawsuit: Hyperion's response to Evert Carton's testimony
On June 25, 2021 Hyperion's co-founder and sole managing director during the settlement negotiations with Amiga Inc. in 2009, Evert Carton, was deposed by both parties' lawyers in the lawsuit of the plaintiffs Cloanto and the so-called Amiga parties vs. Hyperion Entertainment as defendant. On July 14, 2021 plaintiffs submitted a motion for leave to file regarding this deposition ( reported).

On July 28, 2021, Hyperion Entertainment submitted their response to the court, requesting that plaintiffs’ motion should be denied (PDF file). Besides lack of diligence - because plaintiffs failed to depose Evert Carton before filing their motion for summary judgement - and increased harm for Hyperion with regard to their business relationships if the summary judgement would be delayed by admission of the deposition, the application is also substantiated by Evert Carton's minor relationship to the Amiga market.

Evert Carton's deposition confirmed the well-known fact within the Amiga community that there had been no relation of Evert Carton to the Amiga market prior to his involvement in Hyperion Entertainment and that this company was originally founded by Ben Hermans and himself as a vehicle for each of them to pursue their own goals (page 80 of the PDF file of the deposition). Lack of knowledge regarding AmigaOS 3.x due to this could be found in the testimony when Evert Carton was asked regarding specific products by Commodore underlying disputed trademarks such as "Workbench" (p. 54), while nevertheless he was aware of other details, for example the programming languages used in the source code of the original operating system which had to be adapted for creating AmigaOS 4 (p. 82).

Thus Hyperion's lawyer emphasizes that - as admitted by Evert Carton - Ben Hermans was the drving force during negotiations with Amiga Inc. in 2009 (p. 153, p. 25) and that Evert Carton could not force himself to become interested in Amiga, despite trying (p. 133). Furthermore it is pointed out that he lost faith in the new project regarding the AmigaOne X5000 (p. 91/92) and started a business of his own in November 2009, i.e. just one month after signing the settlement agreement, to avoid his revenue being continuously consumed by Hyperion's Amiga activities anymore (p. 262).

Regarding the fact that, due to Ben Hermans' main occupation, Evert Carton was the sole director and owner of 97 % of Hyperion's shares during the time frame of the negotiations with Amiga Inc. taking place, the lawyer is bringing forward the argument that by the time the settlement agreement had actually been executed, the distribution of shares would already have been changed during alteration of the legal form of the company - resulting in him owning "the minority as the only shareholder who lacked knowledge or understanding of Amiga" (49 % vs. 48 % by Ben Hermans and 3 % by Timothy de Groote), and that he would have just signed the settlement agreement in 2009 for Hyperion "because he lived within 50 meters of a notary" (p. 132). Back then Hyperion's company address was at Evert Carton's place of residence (p. 145).

Since thus Hyperion's intentions in negotiations with Amiga Inc. in 2009 would have been basically identic to Ben Hermans' intentions - which would be also visible in lacking memory on which party had added certain phrases (p. 100) or why the term "software" was defined differently compared to the original contract from 2001 (p. 112), or in the fact that Evert Carton didn't read all pages of the book "Amiga DOS Manual" (p. 118) - admission of his testimony is considered futile in a situation of his word against that one of his former managing partner, so that the application for admission should be denied, also due to lack of diligence. (snx)

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