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Archive 03/2021

amigaworld (Webseite)

Preview videos: Puzzle game 'Follix' for AGA computers
Simone 'saimo' Bevilacqua is working on another puzzle game for AGA computer, this time called 'Follix'. The name of the game is inspired by Atomix. His version will offer 24-Bit graphics effects and 8-Bit transparency. Two videos the author published (1, 2) demonstrates the latest level of devlopment. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Scene World (ANF)

Scene World Audio-Interview: Game-Journalist/-Designer Gary Penn (DMA Design)
In an audio interview with the 'Scene World' podcast, gaming veteran Gary Penn talks about his career at various UK gaming magazines and as Creative Director at DMA Design. (cg) (Translation: bb)

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Thomas Wenzel (ANF)

Audio player: AmigaAMP 3.29
Thomas Wenzel has released version 3.29 of his audio player AmigaAMP. The changes:
  • Fixed conversion from UTF16LE in ID3v2 tags.
  • Fixed some more bugs in PLS parsing.
  • Fixed memory leak in M4A tag reader.
  • Fixed decoding of MPEG 2 Layer 3 files.
  • Fixed window position messages to plugins in ReAction mode.
  • Added Find-function in playlist.
  • EQF (Equalizer preset file) support.
  • Added EQUALIZER ToolType to load a specific setting at startup.
  • Added choice between skin font and system font for track info display (still experimental).
  • Added opus codec support for ogg files.
  • Tries to read cover.jpg from folder of audio file if no embedded cover picture could be found.
  • Gapless playback.
  • Support for modplug.library to play MOD, S3M, etc. with the 68k/OS3.9 version.
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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Playable preview: Unfinished shooter 'Blork'
'Blork' was a horizontally-scrolling shoot'em-up game developed in the mid-nineties which was never finished. The project 'Games That Weren't' succeeded in finding a playable demo version of the game. You can watch a video there as well. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Christoph Fassbach (E-Mail)

End user help wanted: VirusZ and xvs.library to become open source
Georg Wittmann (formerly Hörmann) plans to release the source codes of his projects VirusZ and xvs.library after 15 years of inactivity. Before that he wants to make sure that his anti-virus software runs on AmigaOS 4, MorphOS and AROS (m68k): Since he himself does not have most of the systems mentioned, he has written a short program that collects and outputs information about the current computer. He asks that as many users as possible with one of the mentioned operating systems run the program and send him the output by e-mail. (cg) (Translation: bb)

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Indie Retro News (Webseite)

Plattformer: Erste spielbare Alpha von 'Super Delivery Boy'
The platformer previously known as Mr. Mochi's Delivery Service is now called 'Super Delivery Boy' (video). A current alpha version of the game developed with the Scorpion Engine can be downloaded from the developer's website, but it clearly warns about numerous bugs that are still present. (cg)

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Graphic designer Metin Seven about the history of Softeyes/Team Hoi
Metin Seven recounts his time as a graphic designer for various commercial Amiga games in a blog entry. Seven was part of the developer team "Softeyes", which later functioned as "Team Hoi". (cg) (Translation: bb)

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hjoerg (ANF)

Interview: ASCII artist Yop (Shrimps Design)
At the title link, Lars Sobiraj did an interview with the german ASCII artist 'Yop' of Shrimps Design. The 45 y.o. had been active since 1993 in the Amiga ASCII scene and recollects how much he did like to work with the text editor CygnusED back then. Today, however, he doesn't own an Amiga anymore and is rarely using an emulator even. (snx)

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