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Archive 10/2020

Indie Retro News (Webseite)

Unfinished Jump'n Run: Jab Jum
"Jab Jum" (video, download website) is an unfinished jump'n run game written in 1996 in AMOS. Currently an user tries to get the complete AMOS source code "so maybe someone can debug the game (colission issues) and make some more levels if anybody is interested." (cg) (Translation: dr)

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FS-UAE (Webseite)

Emulator: FS-UAE 3.0.5 (update)
Frode Solheim's Amiga emulator FS-UAE provides the new features made in WinUAE to a cross-platform UAE version for Windows, Mac OS X and several Linux and BSD versions. Although specific release notes still are not available, the main page of FS-UAE as well as the main window after starting the program inform about the new version 3.0.5.

Update: Added release notes taken from the English Amiga Board (01.11.2020, 07:20 dr)

Changes in FS-UAE since version 3.0.3:
  • Fix compilation of sana2.cpp with GCC 10.
  • Fix OpenGL shaders with multiple passes on macOS.
  • Include compilation fix for "unknown" CPUs architectures.
  • Updated the GLAD OpenGL loader.
Changes in FS-UAE Launcher since version 3.0.3:
  • Workaround for old file database entries with incorrect \ escape.
  • Filename escaping for FS-UAE and .uaem comments when using .lha files as HDs.
  • Fixed bug in escaping of \ in
(dr) (Translation: dr)

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Puzzle game: AmiBrixx 2.0 for all Amiga systems
Jörg 'Evil' Renkert wrote about the game: "In a field of stacked stones, your target is to elminate groups of stones of the same color. Thereby the other stones will fall down and form new groups. The game ends, when no more groups can be eliminated."

The gameplay of the original release from 2004 is the same as in version 2.0 but online highscores and the option of downloading "skins" from within the game were added. AmiBrixx was written with Hollywood and therefore is available for AmigaOS 3/4, MorphOS, AROS, Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Android. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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