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Archive 08/2017


Amiga-MOD tracker in Javascript: Bassoontracker 0.1.22
Bassoontracker is a classic 4-Channel-MOD tracker written in Javascript which runs in a web browser - there you can load, edit and save MOD-files. The tracker can be directly used on The source code is available on Github. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Amiga Impact (Webseite)

Amiga Impact: Further pictures of FPGA accelerator board Vampire V4
For the fourth quarter of 2017 version 4 of the FPGA accelerator board Vampire was announced ( reported). Under the title link today Amiga Impact has published further pictures which show the standalone version and a bare board in a aluminium case. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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MorphOS: Word processing software Folio (beta version)
"Folio is a technical proof of concept that leverages the sophisticated Webkit layout engine included in the Odyssey Web Browser to provide a modern word processing tool that fulfills most common needs. Its current feature set and capabilities are comparable to those found in Microsoft WordPad and Apple TextEdit." Due to a bug of version 1.24 of Odyssey, version 1.23 has to be installed as well and Folio to be opened there. An Internet connection is not required.

Known problems:
  • Saving files opens a blank window hiding the editor, which needs to be closed manually.
  • File names need to be entered inside the MorphOS file requester every time you save a document regardless of whether you previously entered a file name or not.
  • Dragging images around inside the document can duplicate images. For moving around images, it is recommended to cut out images and then paste them after you position the text cursor via mouse or keyboard.
  • When you use the "pop up" button in the toolbar to run Folio in its own window, you will still see a tab bar even though it is technically redundant.
Download: (435 KB)
owb-morphos-1.23.lha (26 MB) (snx) (Translation: dr)

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MorphZone (Webseite)

RNOAnim 1.2 and RNOInfoScreen 1.4
"RNOAnim is a compact animation player that also has some conversion and editing functions." In version 1.2 of the program which was written with Hollywood "animations get scaled if they don't fit within the screen size" and "support for transparency in GIF anims" was added.

"RNOInfoScreen works as a front-end to various music and media players by displaying the "now playing" information with cover art images, and by providing basic media control options for the user." In version 1.4 among others more options for background images were added and the volume goes quicker up and down on MorphOS when a shift key is pressed. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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Amigaworld (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: File manager Dir Me Up 3.8.1
Jérôme 'Glames' Senays' commercial file manager "Dir Me Up" (video) "is a program to explore and manipulate files, links and drawers of your Amiga." Changes in version 3.8.1:
  • Software / "Upgrade" item added in the "Project" menu to download the latest version available.
  • GUI / You can now choose to not display the buttons panel.
  • GUI - Buttons Panel / You can now choose buttons you want to display and their sizes.
  • GUI / You can now choose to not display the preview panel.
  • GUI / Spacing between different parts increased .
  • Drawer browsing / If several drawers are selected, the first one is scanned in the current window and the next ones in other "Dir Me Up" windows.
  • Drawer browsing / If the [Ctrl] key is pressed while browsing, the selected drawer is opened in another "Dir Me Up" window.
  • Drawer creation / The drawer(s) created are now automatically selected.
  • Bookmarks / Notification modified if the volume panel is not display.
  • Browsing / If a "path" button that no longer existed was clicked, an error window was displayed over and over: fixed.
  • Browsing / If a Bookmark that no longer existed was clicked, an error window was displayed over and over: fixed.
  • Browsing / Update was always done on the last level of the path, even if an intermediate "path" button was clicked: fixed.
  • Browsing / Volumes Update created a single "path" button with all included levels: fixed.
  • List view / The following informations are now centered: size, date, type and extension.
  • Icon view / Better use of the width of the window.
  • Icon view / If a partially visible element is selected, a repositioning is now performed to see it completely.
  • Icon view / Astride thumbnails of the last visible line were sometimes not displayed: fixed.
  • View without panel volumes / If you clicked on the parent of an assign, "path" buttons click did not work then: fixed.
  • "Workbench" view / If several volumes, assigns or bookmarks are selected, the first one is explored in the current window and the next ones in other "Dir Me Up" windows.
  • "Workbench" view / If the [Ctrl] key is pressed while scanning volumes, assigns or bookmarks, they are opened in other "Dir Me Up" windows.
  • "Workbench" view / If the selected bookmark had a "multi-levels" path , the path buttons were not all drawn: fixed.
  • Script running / If a script "shortcut" button was unchecked, the button was not removed from the buttons pannel: fixed.
  • Script running / When removing the first script, the following script was not selected: fixed.
  • Internal viewer / After deleting an image, the displayed image rank was no longer the correct one: fixed.
  • Internal viewer / When copying several images and then examining under the viewer, only one image was counted in the total indicated: fixed.
  • AmigaOS 4.1 FE specific / If the mouse pointer is over the list of elements without any selection, the "Location" pop-up menu is displayed (previously the main menu) when right-clicking.
  • AmigaOS 4.1 FE specific / The size of menu icons can now be set.
  • AmigaOS 4.1 FE specific / "Wb" menu was displayed at the same time as the "Paste" one: fixed.
  • Localization / Swedish translations added.
  • Localization / Italian and Spanish translations improved.
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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