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Archive 05/2016


Crowd funding: Turrican 2 - The Orchestral Album
Already in the past, Chris Hülsbeck experimented with orchestral arrangements. Now he is going to record the songs from the Amiga classic Turrican II with an orchestra. In order to be able realizing "Turrican 2: The Orchestral Album", the fans have to finance it via Kickstarter with 75.000 Euro. So far about 44.000 Euro has been donated. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Alien Breed clone: Prototype of new "Chaos Guns" engine
Originally "Chaos Guns" was meant to be a multiplayer shooter, a mix of Alien Breed and Hired Guns. Two years ago, a first demo version was released. Shortly afterwards the only programmer did back out. According to the team in a blog entry, meanwhile for a new programmer was looked and the concept of the game was completely reconsidered and simplified.

The old engine Chaos Guns, which was written in the exotic language PowerD, was far too demanding for Amiga computers. Therefore the graphics have been reduced from 256 to 32 colours and a classic tile-base model used. The Multiplayer theme "had to go" but the functional inventory and items management was reworked.

In order to be able testing the changes, different prototypes have been developed. At first there were some internal versions created with the Windows-based Game Maker, now also a playable version for the Amiga was released using Backbone (Youtube video).

The Backbone prototyope is meant to demonstrate the concept of the game to prove "that a full game using Backbone IS possible". The proper game will be written in computer code, which the Slovakian programmer Jozef Tomka will do.

The prototype is available in three different versions which differ from the size of the section of the playfield. Version A features the biggest section of the playfield but does not run smoothly on a 68030.


ChaosGunsBBDemo.lha (7 MB) (all three versions)
ChaosGunsBBDemo-A.lha (2 MB) (biggest section of the playfield
ChaosGunsBBDemo-B.lha (2 MB)
ChaosGunsBBDemo-C.lha (2 MB) (cg) (Translation: dr)

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German Amiga Community (Webseite)

Graphic card: Picasso II+ clone "Matzes-GraKa" available
For quite some time, Matthias "Matze" Heinrichs has been working on clone of the Picasso II+. Now in the Kryoflux store such a graphic card can be bought. Matzes-Graka has the same performance like the original card - a Cirrus GD5434 graphic chip with 2 MB RAM is also used - but is "about 25% faster than a Picasso II+ in an A2000 with A2630 accelerator board".

The card also can be used in an Amiga 500 - after soldering the expansion port connector. It has an integrated monitor switcher, which switches between Amiga and VGA signal. Matzes-GraKa consists of two parts (mainboard and slot sheet with VGA-port) which are connected with a flat ribbon cable. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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