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Archive 03/2015

AROS-Exec (Forum)

AROS: EdiSyn 0.34
Marcus Sackrow's text editor EdiSyn for AROS/x86 offers tabs as well as syntax highlighting for C/C++ and Pascal. Since our last message mainly the search function has been improved.

Download: EdiSyn_0.34.lha (3 MB) (snx) (Translation: dr)

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30.Mar.2015 (Webseite)

Games-Coffer: 6 Amiga games added
Games-Coffer offers some old games for download: Baffle, Deadline!, Defektris, Giger Tetris, Hirnris and Parcheese. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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30.Mar.2015 (Forum)

Fan proposal: Lego-Amiga
In the section "Lego Ideas", the Danish toy maker collects proposals for new products. If such a proposal is supported by 10.000 people, employees of Lego will check if it can be produced.

Under the title link an Amiga inclusive platine was suggested, which currently has 287 supporters (you have to create an account). 210 days are left to achieve the required number. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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Murakami (ANF)

Print magazine: aMiGa=PoWeR 55 (french)
Issue 55 of aMiGa=PoWeR is available, as always in full color, containing for example reviews of AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition, Tales of Gorluth and Voxelnoid. Further articles cover the AmigaOne X5000, Eric Chahi and the AmiWest event.

aMiGa=PoWeR is a French newspaper issued by AFLE (French association). Created in 1998, aMiGa=PoWeR became thanks to the experience of AFLE (created in 1994) the first French-speaking Amiga newspaper. Entirely laser printed, aMiGa=PoWeR is distributed in the whole world. (snx)

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Andreas Falkenhahn (ANF)

Hollywood / Cubic IDE: hw4cubic 6.0
Andreas Falkenhahn wrote: Michael "Clyde Radcliffe" Jurisch's Hollywood add-on for Cubic IDE has been updated to support the full Hollywood 6.0 command set now. Furthermore, there have been some bug fixes and optimizations.

The hw4cubic plugin allows you to use Cubic IDE as an IDE for Hollywood. The complete Hollywood command set is imported into Cubic IDE so you'll get syntax highlighting, quick command information, hotkey links to the documentation for command under cursor, function list, direct access to the compiler, auto complete and intellisense functionality and much more.

In addition, a Hollywood 6.0 wordfile for the popular Windows text editor UltraEdit is now also available for download on the official Hollywood portal. This wordfile allows you to conveniently edit Hollywood scripts on Windows using UltraEdit. All downloads are available from the official Hollywood portal. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Aminet-Uploads until 28.03.2015
The following archives have been added to Aminet until March 28th, 2015:
HollywoodSP.lha          biz/misc   505K      Hollywood 6.0 spanish catalogs
CamView.lha              comm/net   41K   68k Cam Viewer for Lan and Intern...
LanCamTool.lha           comm/net   111K  68k Lancam Tool for Edimax IC 303...
magnet2torrent.lha       comm/net   22K   MOS Convert magnet links to .torr...
BlitzLocale.lha          dev/basic  116K  68k Use Locale in AmiBlitz Programs
pthread.lha              dev/c      28K   MOS POSIX Threads for AROS and Mo...
sgit.lha                 dev/misc   1.1M  OS4 A simple and incomplete git c...          driver/med 17K   68k Blizzard 2060 SCSI Rom (Phase 5)
Blizzard_1230_SCSI_IV... driver/med 10K   68k Blizzard 1230IV SCSI ROM (Pha...
CS-SCSI-Tools-31.lha     driver/med 529K  68k SCSI Systemdisk (Phase 5)
scsi85mk1.lha            driver/med 10K   68k cyberscsi.device (MKI) (Phase 5)
scsi86mk2.lha            driver/med 16K   68k cyberscsi.device (MKII) (Phas...
040_060Libs.lha          driver/oth 132K  68k 68040/68060 libraries (Phase 5)
68060-19101999.lha       driver/oth 186K  68k 68060 Library (Phase 5)
68060systemdisk.lha      driver/oth 272K  68k 68060 Systemdisk (Phase 5)
blizzard2060systemdis... driver/oth 272K  68k Blizzard 2060 Systemdisk (Pha...
fastlanez3.lha           driver/oth 15K   68k z3scsi.device (Phase 5)
FlashUpdates-09042000... driver/oth 940K  ppc-powerup CyberStorm PPC/MK3 & Bliz...
FlashUpdates-26042002... driver/oth 940K  ppc-powerup CyberStorm PPC/MK3 & Bliz...
SystemDisk-431.lha       driver/oth 352K  68k Cyberstorm system disk (Phase 5)   game/shoot 2.3M  68k Ultimate Maze -Gloom mod
Show_Vector_1.2.lha      gfx/show   1.3M  MOS A Vectorgraphic viewer
amath.i386-aros.lha      misc/math  345K  x86 Simple command line calculator
amath.lha                misc/math  1.3M  68k Simple command line calculator
amath.src.lha            misc/math  257K      Simple command line calculato...
amath-mos.lha            misc/math  132K  MOS Simple command line calculator
ppc-user-09042000.lha    misc/os    93K   68k PPC Library - User Archive (P...
Icons-for-AmigaOS.lha    pix/picon  6.3M      AmigaOS 4.1 Style Icons ...
cabextract.lha           util/arc   34K   68k Extract Microsoft Cabinet (.C...
cabextract_MOS.lha       util/arc   40K   MOS Extract Microsoft Cabinet (.C...
cabextract_OS4.lha       util/arc   38K   OS4 Extract Microsoft Cabinet (.C...
MuFastZero.lha           util/boot  153K  68k MuLib ZeroP. remapper, replac...
barcode.lha              util/conv  1.1M  MOS Convert text strings to barcodes
MMULib.lha               util/libs  637K  68k Library to ctrl the MC68K MMUs
Mu680x0Libs.lha          util/sys   353K  68k MuLib aware 680x0 libraries
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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OS4Depot-Uploads until 28.03.2015
The following archives have been added to OS4Depot until March 28th, 2015:
flexcat.lha              dev/mis 368kb 4.0 Flexible catalogs (C, Asm, E, AR...
sgit.lha                 dev/uti 1Mb   4.0 A simple and incomplete git client
infones.lha              emu/gam 3Mb   4.0 NES Emulators
banki.lha                gam/boa 64Mb  4.0 Adventure XXX Game
inutilis-inga.lha        gam/mis 2Mb   4.0 Editor for Point'n'Click Adventures
potrace.lha              gra/con 300kb 4.0 transform bitmaps into vector gr...
icons-for-amigaos.lha    gra/ico 6Mb   4.0 AmigaOS 4.1 Style Icons ...
snapshoter.lha           gra/mis 9Mb   4.0 Clipboard manager, collage maker...
codesets.lha             lib/mis 617kb 4.0 Library for handling codesets an...
mcc_betterstring.lha     lib/mui 310kb 4.0 BetterString custom class for MUI
mcc_nlist.lha            lib/mui 2Mb   4.0 NList custom classes for MUI
mcc_texteditor.lha       lib/mui 811kb 4.0 TextEditor custom class for MUI
mcc_thebar.lha           lib/mui 2Mb   4.0 The MUI Toolbar custom class
openurl.lha              net/mis 514kb 4.0 Get that URL!
cabextract.lha           uti/fil 38kb  4.0 Extract Microsoft Cabinet (.CAB)...
gpsbabel.lha             uti/sci 834kb 4.0 Convert, upload, download data f...
clipgrab.lha             vid/mis 1Mb   4.0 Qt Download videos from YouTube
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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WHDLoad: New packages until 28.03.2015
Using WHDLoad, you can install games, scene demos and intros from cracking groups on your harddisk that were not compatible with anything but floppy disks. The following installers have been added until March 28th, 2015: (snx) (Translation: dr)

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29.Mar.2015 (Forum)

Linux: Installations instructions for Ubuntu Server 15.04 on the AmigaOne X1000
Under the title link, Christian 'xeno74' Zigotzky has written a short installations instructions for users of an AmigaOne X1000 how to install Ubuntu Server 15.04 via Netboot (downloading the files during the installation, e.g. if you do not have an optical drive). (snx) (Translation: dr)

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New demos
During the last month the scene portal has added new Amiga demos: (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Amiga Arena (ANF)

Amiga Arena: New full versions online (again)
In the Amiga Arena three new games are available again: Fatal Heritage, PairsNG and PuzzleBOBS.
  • Fatal Heritage: Fatal Heritage is a "Click and point"-adventure developed by EGO Software in 1990. Using the original disk omages of EGO Software and Bernd Gmeineder, in 2003 the Amiga Arena together with Bert Jahn could create a HD-version for the first time.
  • PairsNG: PairsNG is a mix of Memory, Shanghai and similar games. Until 2009 PairsNG was distributed as Shareware. The Amiga Arena exclusively provides the full version as download.
  • PuzzleBOBS: In 2001 for the first time at the fair "Amiga 2001", the Bust'n'Move-clone PuzzleBOBS developed by Nexus Development was presented for the first time. The formerly commercial game is exclusively offered by Amiga Arena as download.
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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