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Archive 02/2013

Floppy (Kommentar)

AROS: Vector graphic programm ZuneFIG (beta version)
Yannick Erb has changed the GUI of his AROS port of the vector graphics program AmiFIG (Aminet), which was originally developed for AmigaOS, and now calls it ZuneFIG.

This version now has a MUI-interface and is based on xfig 3.2.5b. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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Official AmigaOS Plush Boingball available
Hyperion Entertainment and Costel Mincea present the "Official AmigaOS Plush Boingball".

A first dealer offers the plush boingball for about 20 Euro. Any other requests please write to info _AT_ stackswap _DOT_. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Aminet-Uploads until 02.02.2013
The following packages have been added to Aminet until February 2nd, 2013:
ToDisk2.6.lha            disk/misc  65K   68k Thomson disk/k7 manager &...
MCE.lha                  game/edit  934K  68k Multi-game Character Editor
MCE-MOS.lha              game/edit  1.1M  MOS Multi-game Character Editor
MCE-OS4.lha              game/edit  1.1M  OS4 Multi-game Character Editor
AmiQuake.lha             game/shoot 246K  68k Amiga port of WinQuake v1.09
etlegacy.i386-aros.lha   game/shoot 6.0M  x86 Wolfenstein Enemy Territory: ...
etlegacy.src.tgz         game/shoot 5.1M      ET Legacy sources
AmiArcadia.lha           misc/emu   3.0M  68k Signetics-based machines emul...
AmiArcadia_OS4.lha       misc/emu   3.3M  OS4 Signetics-based machines emul...
AmiArcadiaMOS.lha        misc/emu   3.2M  MOS Signetics-based machines emul...
RunInUAE.lha             misc/emu   3.9M  OS4 Double-clicked 68k games run ...
lame-morphos.lha         mus/misc   313K  MOS MP3 encoder optimized for Pow...
mtpng_68k.lha            mus/play   215K  68k MegaTracker player/decoder
playOGG.lha              mus/play   5.7M  68k multi format sound player.
Ym2ar.lha                mus/play   140K  68k play & decode YM tunes
Scriba_1.6.0.lha         text/edit  6.4M  MOS Simple word processing softwa...
AmiSystemRestore.lha     util/misc  907K  OS4 Monitors & allows undoing...
ChannelEditor.lha        util/misc  72K   68k Editor for Sogno/Opticum Sat ...
Apollo_1260_80Mhz_AGA... util/moni  1K    68k SysSpeed Module (A1200_Apollo...
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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OS4Depot-Uploads until 02.02.2013
The following packages have been added to OS4Depot until February 2nd, 2013:       dev/gam 10Mb  4.0 AllegroSDK_1.1_Source
amiarcadia.lha           emu/gam 4Mb   4.0 Signetics-based machines emulator
runinuae.lha             emu/uti 4Mb   4.0 Double-clicked 68k games/progs a...
mce.lha                  gam/uti 1Mb   4.0 Multi-game Character Editor
proaction.lha            lib/rea 503kb 4.0 GUIServer for script writers
fastcompress.lha         uti/arc 3Mb   4.0 Quickly compress into LHA,ZIP,LZ...
netdock.lha              uti/doc 50kb  4.0 Docky to monitor your network ac...
amisystemrestore.lha     uti/mis 907kb 4.0 Monitors & allows undoing ch...
showfiles.lha            uti/she 49kb  4.0 DIR command - shows a sorted &am...
attachmail.lha           uti/wor 421kb 4.0 Attach file(s) to YAM or SimpleM...
sysmon.lha               uti/wor 659kb 4.1 monitor for Process, Windows (+ ...
videoclipper.lha         vid/edi 854kb 4.0 Cut and/or join multiple format ...
vamp.lha                 vid/pla 2Mb   4.0 Virtual Amiga Multimedia Player
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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AROS-Archives-Uploads until 02.02.2013
The following packages have been added to AROS-Archives until February 2nd, 2013:
etlegacy.i386-aros.lha       gam/fps 6Mb   Wolfenstein Enemy Territory: Legacy
etlegacy.src.tgz             gam/fps 5Mb   ET Legacy sources    lib     10Mb  AllegroSDK_1.1_Source
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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MorphOS-Files-Uploads until 02.02.2013
The following packages have been added to MorphOS-Files until February 2nd, 2013:
MorphOS SDK              2013-01 dev/too  29728 Official MorphOS Software D...
HotBorder                1.1     uti/des     35 System commodity which resi...
AmiArcadia               19.2    uti/emu   3319 Emulator of many coin-op ma...
DMG2ISO                  0.2     uti/pac    107 Converts Apple compressed *...
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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WHDLoad: New packages until 02.02.2013
Using WHDLoad, you can install Games scene demos and intros from cracking groups on your harddisk that were not compatible with anything but floppy disks. The following installers have been added until February 2nd, 2013:
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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MorphZone (Forum)

MorphOS: Interview with Jacek Piszczek
After Grzegorz 'Krashan' Kraszewski the long-time Amiga user 'saib0t' has now interviewed Jacek 'jacaDcaps' Piszczek who is another member of the Polish MorphOS-team. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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Installation guide: Debian Sarge (PPC) on an Amiga 4000 PPC
Harald "Rotzlöffel" Meinzer has written a step by step tutorial for the installation of Debian PPC. In the first part he explains how to prepare the harddrive, to install the older Debian-version "Woody" as well as afterwards to upgrade to Debian Sarge.

The tutorial is meant to be read by users of an Amiga 4000 with PPC-board. Users of an A1200 do require different kernel-files and have to changes some parts. All users who are interested in a tutorial for an Amiga please contact Meinzer. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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01.Feb.2013 (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: Simple video editing with VideoClipper 1.1
VideoClipper written by Kevin 'ktadd' Taddeucci is a graphical user-interface for mencoder which provides video and picture editing functions (screenshots: 1, 2, 3).

In version 1.1 the gtaphical iuser-interface was completed by several features. Detailed changes:
  • Added buttons to read start time and end times directly from MPlayer.
  • Added abilty to add an audio file after videos are joined.
  • Added ability to add a subtitle file after videos are joined.
  • Added ability to view information about the selected file in the "Video Files List".
  • Added display of cut file names to Video Files List.
  • Added horizontal lines to video and effects lists to improve readability.
  • Added LIST_ROWS tooltype to set number of rows for title/video lists. (Valid range limited by program. 11 minimum, 25 maximum).
  • Added 'Audio Files' and 'Title Files' directories. Includes example files.
  • Changed help to run asycroniously. Thanks to AmigaGuide class provided by Trixie!
  • Amiga keyboard, "Help" key (scroll lock) opens VideoClipper guide help.
  • Changed to quit and re-start MPlayer if already running when 'Preview' or 'Play' clicked.
  • Tweaked video resolution and bitrate setting to support popular settings. (May cause saved projects to recall video settings improperly. Check setting and re-save.)
  • Added profiles to create YouTube compliant videos. (360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p)
  • Added 16:9 aspect ration DRAFT profile.
  • Added snapshot video options when mplayer is started. Ensures frame save works.
  • Changed so display does not beep when TAB or Enter are used in time entry fields.
  • Updated and enhanced the
  • Enhanced some gadget hints.
  • Added workaround for 'Save Frame' when paused bug in MUIMPLayer.
  • Fixed bug that prevented End Time key ']' from working all the time.
  • Fixed bug where changing playback speed did work after playing a second file.
  • Fixed bug with loading projects who's video filenames contained spaces.
  • Fixed bug with speeding up and slowing down playback with older MPlayer.
  • Fixed bug with identifying version of MPlayer.

VideoClipper requires mencoder and MPlayer or MUI-MPlayer. (cg)

(cg) (Translation: dr)

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Amiga Future (Webseite)

GAUHPIL: Database of Amiga-Homepages updated
Since 1994 Dietmar Knoll has been collecting Amiga homepages. It has been updated again and currently lists 620 users from 36 countries. (snx) (Translation: dr)

[News message: 01. Feb. 2013, 16:03] [Comments: 2 - 03. Feb. 2013, 09:14]
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