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Archive 05/2012

09.May.2012 (Webseite)

Emulator: WinUAE 2.4.1
Version 2.4.1 of the Amiga emulator WinUAE has been published which mainly fixes minor bugs.

New features:
  • Fastest possible CPU mode (including JIT) throttle option (-10% to -90%)
  • Approximate CPU mode speed adjustment (-90% to +500%). Replaces old CPU/Chipset adjustment.
  • Fastest possible CPU mode timing improved.
  • Low latency vsync stability improved.
  • Internal display buffering system rewritten, PAL/NTSC vertical centering, even better screen positioning in programmed modes.
  • Fullscreen (TV)/(Max) filter mode programmed mode and PAL/NTSC switching support.
  • Custom Input Event autofire support.
  • Switch to another monitor if multiple monitors with different resolutions and current RTG resolution is not supported by current monitor.
  • CDFS statefile support implemented.
  • Sound sync improved.
  • Debugger basic math operator support (+-/*).
  • Autoscaling improved (CD32 boot screen).

Bug fixes of version 2.4.0:
  • CDFS problems fixed. (crashes, wrong case if RockRidge or Joliet, truncated file comments)
  • Fake 60Hz didn't work.
  • Software filter major slowdown in higher resolutions.
  • D3D overlay mask scaling artifacts in some resolutions.
  • D3D "CRT" filters had bad geometry.
  • Automatic resize resized continuously in interlaced modes.
  • Some USB joysticks had multiple buttons with same name and dpad diagonal movement didn't work.
  • Keyboard reset warning emulation didn't work.
  • Legacy VSync works correctly again.
  • Bsdsocket emulation gethostbyname("ip.address") random crash.

Other bug fixes:
  • Automatic scale/center/resize didn't work in ECS SuperPlus screen mode.
  • OCS/ECS max hires overscan didn't show first 4 pixels. (ECS SuperPlus)
  • 68020 cycle-exact mode statefile reliability improved. (Random "CPU trace" errors)
  • 0.5M Chip RAM was detected as 1M in JIT mode.
  • Mouse cursor jumping to top/left corner in some virtual machines when mouse button was clicked.
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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Andreas Magerl (ANF)

Anniversary: Computer club APC&TCP turns 20
Press release: Once there were two computer clubs. APC and TCP. 20 years ago (if anyone knows the exact date, please report), these two computer clubs joined.

Within a very short period of time, APC&TCP computer club became one of the biggest Amiga clubs in Germany with nearly 500 members.

APC&TCP afterwards published one of the most widespread Amiga floppy disk magazines: Amiga Fire and its successor NoCover.

Since many members were programmers, it was decided to distribute their software ourselves. Therefore in May 1992 APC&TCP became private partnership. The aim was to distribute public domain, shareware and commercial software in a way of maximum benefit for the developers. Thus PD disks were passed on at cost price of 1 DM. The profit-sharing of 50% for the programmer was unusually high.

Programs like CygnusEd, DigiBoosterPro and Databench as well as games like Flyin High and Pinball Brain Damage are only a few examples of our software.

Besides our own shareware series and many commercial software titles, we were also working for various companies. We took care of the distribution of promoting games and created cover CDs for magazines such as Amiga Plus, Amiga Games and Amiga Special. For some time we also created the PD series disks of Amiga Magazine, wrote reviews for various magazines and organized ticket sales for Amiga shows and much more.

In 1997 we decided to publish a print-magazine for the Amiga. The Amiga Future was first published by ICP-Verlag, then by Falke-Verlag and since issue 27 APC&TCP also acted as the publisher.

Now we have released issue 96 and issue 100 is getting close. Meanwhile APC&TCP also sells various Amiga merchandising products, such as stickers, mouse pads, posters and much more. Thus now, after 20 years, APC&TCP still exists. To celebrate this, we have some special offers in our online shop. These offers are only available in May 2012.

To the next 20 years!

Andreas Magerl
APC&TCP (snx)

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08.May.2012 (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: Legend of Edgar 1.01, Open Jazz
Roman 'kas1e' Kargin has ported the Jump'n Run Legend of Edgar 1.01 (screenshots: 1, 2, 3) as well as the engine Open Jazz, with which the commercial Sonic-clone Jazz Jackrabbit can be played (screenshots: 1, 2, 3, 4) to AmigaOS 4.


Legend of Edgar: edgar.lha (31,5 MB)
Open Jazz: openjazz.lha (1,2 MB) (cg) (Translation: dr)

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PPA (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: Article on screen-programming
Under the title link 'trixie' has publishe a short article on programming screens under AmigaOS 4. Among others it is about the possibility of changing screens in ReAction-based programms which was introduced in update 3. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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Aminet-Uploads until 05.05.2012
The following archives have been added until 05.05.2012 to the Aminet:           dev/src    4K    68k Terminal colour control using...
MissDriller_68k.lha      game/actio 403K  68k A remake of Mr.Driller
WormWars.lha             game/actio 777K  68k Advanced snake game
WormWarsMOS.lha          game/actio 624K  MOS Advanced snake game
WormWars-OS4.lha         game/actio 984K  OS4 Advanced snake game
edgar-1.0-morphos.lha    game/jump  29M   MOS SDL based classic plattform game
PrimatePlunge_68k.lha    game/jump  7.3M  68k Interesting platform game
ScummVM_AGA_030.lha      game/misc  3.9M  68k Amiga AGA port of ScummVM 1.3...
ScummVM_ECS_030.lha      game/misc  3.9M  68k Amiga ECS port of ScummVM 1.3...
uqm.i386-aros.tar.bz2    game/misc  1.1M  x86 Port of Ur-Quan Masters
uqm.src-aros.tar.bz2     game/misc  1.2M      Source for Ur-Quan Masters port
BOOM.lha                 game/shoot 2.8M  68k Amiga port of BOOM v2.02
imbiss_os3.lha           game/strat 1.0M  68k Buy and sell hamburgers
Tail-Tale_68k.lha        game/think 3.8M  68k Arcade puzzler with Manga theme
klix_os3.lha             game/wb    3.4M  68k A small game similar to Sokoban
wet_update.lha           util/wb    58K   OS4 Wet weather software v6.3 patch
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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OS4Depot-Uploads until 05.05.2012
The following archives have been added until 05.05.2012 to the OS4Depot:
tutorial_1.lha           doc/tut 53kb  4.0 A little tutorial
wormwars.lha             gam/act 999kb 4.0 Advanced snake game
netsurf.lha              net/bro 6Mb   4.0 Fast CSS capable browser
assist.lha               uti/mis 3Mb   4.1 An 'assistant' for AmigaOS users
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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AROS-Archives-Uploads until 05.05.2012
The following archives have been added until 05.05.2012 to the AROS-Archives:     dev/mis 51Mb  AspireOS update    gam     144Mb Games package
uqm.i386-aros.tar.bz2        gam/mis 1Mb   Port of Ur-Quan Masters
uqm.src-aros.tar.bz2         gam/mis 1Mb   Source for Ur-Quan Masters port
jabberwocky_v1_9b1.i386-a... net/cha 294kb Jabber Instant Messaging Client
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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MorphOS-Files-Uploads until 05.05.2012
The following archives have been added until 05.05.2012 to the MorphOS-Files:
The Legend of Edgar      1.0     gam/pla  29189 The Legend of Edgar is 2D p...
AmiArcadia               18.02   uti/emu   3129 Emulator of many coin-op ma...
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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