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Archive 02/2012

24.Feb.2012 (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: Blu Manager 0.7
Blu Manager is a database programm for AmigaOS 4 written by Pål Ringkilen for managing Blu-ray-films. wget is required to be installed in directory C. Changes:
  • Have fixed the system freeze when resizing the main window
  • Added a new logo in the about window. Thanks to Svenn Ove for the nice picture
  • Added check for WGet. If not found then it will quit
  • Have centered the text in the about window
  • Have added fancy composition fading on about and search window
  • The saved list is now sorted in alphabetical order
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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Carsten Siegner (ANF)

Programming language: Preliminary version of Hollywood 5 SDK
Users can publish plugins for the recently released Hollywood 5. The preliminary Hollywood SDK is required to build plugins. A full SDK with documentation of the different plugin types will be released soon. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Linux: whdrunner starts WHDLoad-games under fs-uae
With whdrunner written by Marcel "frostwork" Unbehaun you can start zip-compressed WHDLoad-games: The programm extracts the archive, recognizes the game with the help of an included database, creates an user-startup on-the-fly and starts the setup in the emulator fs-uae. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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