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Archive 10/2011


Bootdisk-Creator: Amiga911 Maker 1.46
With "Amiga911 Maker" you can create bootdisks under AmigaOS 3.0/3.1 which can include a lot of tools on a AmigaDOS-disk because LZX or XPK is used. The Amiga which is supposed to boot must have at least 1 MB memory but recommended 2 MB.

Changes in version 1.46:
  • The Amiga911 boot disks will now contain a new icon set. These icons were made in a way that should make them look OK regardless of the screenmode used, this basically means that the graphics in the icons will look a bit "stretched" in both laced and non-laced type of screenmodes. All of them are standardized to 44x22 pixels, and the icons will also take up less disk space now (at least a few KB saved).
  • Four new programs are now supported: - Check4GB - Check if your HD setup is 4GB-ready - DiskImage - Mount any disk image file as a DOS device - HJSplit - Split large files into smaller ones - WhichAmiga - ShowConfig kind of tool. V1.3.3 If you add DiskImage to the Amiga911 disk, you will be able to mount ADF floppy images, ISO CD-ROM images and HDF harddisk images on your Amiga, and then you can copy files from/to the images. Mounting the virtual devices and performing diskchanges is handled by a requester based script that will also be included. There is no need for messing around with mount files since they will be generated by the script when they are needed. HJSplit can also be controlled by a requester based script, and it allows you to select the exact size of the small files the original big file shall be splitted into. You can choose between various sizes that can make each small file fit on a Amiga or PC formatted floppy disk, or you can enter the split size manually. The script can also join all of the files back together again. Versions of HJSplit exists for several platforms including Windows and Linux.
  • A new archive called ExtInst.lha are now included in the Amiga911 Maker package. This archive contains the few files that earlier had to be copied from the Extras and Install disks, and as long as ExtInst.lha is present in the A911MakerData dir, those disks are no longer needed since the required files will be copied from the archive instead. In other words, you may only need the Workbench disk for creating a boot floppy from now on.
  • Some system files have been replaced by the free alternatives from Michal Letowski's MSys 1.2 pack, these files are: Avail, LoadWB, MakeLink, Reboot and RequestChoice.
  • The standard RequestFile command have also been replaced by Torsten Poulin's free alternative version.
  • If the Anaiis USB stack is to be included on the Amiga911 disk, the Anaiis prefs program is now optional.
  • The "Cut" command is no longer included, the reason for this is that the same type of functionality can be achived with the "Echo" command instead.
  • A new "Clean up" window is introduced in this version of Amiga911 Maker, and when you open and run it, your project will be scanned for files that are no longer needed. Some of these files will automatically be deleted, while with others you will be asked whether they should be removed or not. You can open the "Clean up" Gui by selecting it in the menu of the main Amiga911 Maker window.
  • In an attempt to save more space on the Amiga911 disk, a more critical look was taken on the system files that's included on the boot floppy, and the conclusion was that a few of them could actually go. The biggest waste of space was the bullet & nonvolatile libraries since they are quite useless on a emergency disk. Other files that no longer will be included are the following: More, Date, SetClock, SetKeyboard, LoadResource, parallel.device, serial.device, lowlevel.library and realtime.library. With the exception of the last four files, they will now be deleted from your project when you run "Copy system files". If you want to remove any of the the other four files as well, you must use the "Clean up" Gui (see above). Now that "More" is no longer included, a hardlink to MultiView is created upon booting the Amiga911 disk, this means that every time the system tries to use More, it will use MultiView instead.
  • All Windows that includes a log listview does now have a "Export Log file" menu option, and by selecting this you will be able to save the log as a file, or you can copy it to the clipboard.
  • Various small improvements & bug fixes.
(cg) (Translation: (dr)

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13.Oct.2011 (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: Strategy game "Swamp Defense" available
Swamp Defense is a commercial Tower Defense-game developed by Entwickler X which is available for XBox, AmigaOS 4 and other platforms (Youtube video). A demo version has been available for some time and now the full version is available as well for 20 Euro.

The game requires AmigaOS 4.1 and a graphic board which supports "compositing" and also runs on Amigas with PPC-boards. The maximal solution is 1920x1080. (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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10.Oct.2011 (Webseite)

Event: Commodore-Show in Maarssen, Netherlands (15. October)
On 15. October the Commodore Gebruikersgroep (CGG) will organize its "Commodore Show". Entrance free. (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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Software-News until 10.10.2011

AmigaOS 4: Cinnamon Writer 0.75 Bugfix

For Claus Desler's word processing software Cinnamon Writer 0.75 a bug fix was published which fixes crashes caused by loading of Truetype fonts. The archive only includes the executable file.

Card game: Acey Ducey for all Amiga systems

In Acey Ducey you have to guess if the next card will have a value which is between the one of the cards already put on the table. Achim Kern has ported his old card game with Hollywood and offers versions for AmigaOS 3/4, MorphOS and AROS.

Mythana - New browser role playing game for Amiga

For some time on a browser strategy game has been offered which should work with old (without CSS support) browsers like Ibrowse or AWeb.

According to Matthias "Aramon" Wilkens, this strategy game will be replaced by a role playing game which will continue working with the knwon Amiga browsers. Although the game ist still in alpha stage there are already some "Qqests".

10x2 Blue Metal Rose CDs

On Wednesday 12th of October from 9 pm, Blue Metal Rose which uses an Amiga 4000 with Octamed Soundstudio will have its first radio performance on WDR2 (Live-Stream, Flash required). After the show via Internet voting the best of the introduced bands will be chosen - Blue Metal Rose hopes you will vote for them.

On the occasion of the radio performance the band raffles 10x2 BMR-CDs: You simply have to write an eMail with the subject "BMR goes WDR2" to The winners will be informed via eMail. Closing date is 19.10.2011, there is no right of appeal. The data of the participants will be not given to third persons und deleted after the lottery. (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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Finished graphic sets for arcade games
On a graphic designer offers graphics which stand under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported-licence and can be used for different projects.

The graphics (examples) are devided into two archives: (5 MB - full graphic sets):
  • Tetris
  • Pacman
  • Breakout / Arkanoid
  • Asteroids (10 MB, incomplete graphics):
  • Adrenalin Racer (top down version of wipeout/spyhunter)
  • Brutal Sports (speedball clone)
  • misc (icometric bits)
  • Morph (platform game with morphing ball character)
  • Uridzone (Uridium Clone)
(cg) (Translation: (dr)

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WHDLoad-Launcher: Tiny Launcher 1.3
Lionel 'Gibs' Deri's Tiny Launcher searches for directories defined by the user which includes ECS or AGA games and demos (YouTube-video).

WHDLoad games and files with the ending ".exe" are recognized automatically. For other games the user must create little AmigaDOS scripts.

Download: TinyLauncher131.lzh (121 KB) (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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09.Oct.2011 (Webseite)

Peter Hutchisons "Amiga C Tutorial"
Peter John "pjhutch" Hutchison's English-language "Amiga C Tutorial" is supposed to help C newcomers to program under AmigaOS with the help of many code examples. (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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WHDLoad: New packages until 09.10.2011
With WHDLoad you can install games and scene demos on your harddrive which were originally puzblished on disks. Additional several incompatibilities with new Amiga models are fixed.

The following installers have been added or updated since our last message:
(cg) (Translation: (dr)

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09.Oct.2011 (Webseite)

Picture viewer : PictureAlbum Preview 08-10-2011 for AmigaOS 4, AROS and MorphOS
With Christopher Handley's PictureAlbum you can search for picture directories. The included pictures are viewed as thumbnails. With a double-click you can view any number of pictures and place them on the screen (screenshots: 1, 2). PictureAlbum to memorises the opened pictures and its positions for each directory.

Download: PictureAlbum_preview_111008.lha ( MB) (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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Amiga Future (Webseite)

Interview with Kalle Marjola
The interview serie on now was continued with a conversation with Kalle Marjola who wrote Knights and Fantasy Forces. (snx) (Translation: (dr)

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