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Archive 04/2010

Andreas Falkenhahn (ANF)

Hollywood 4.7 available
Press release Airsoft Softwair is proud to annouce the immediate availability of Hollywood 4.7. Hollywood 4.7 is another quality release by Airsoft Softwair and contains some cool new features as well as bug fixes and fulfillments of some user wishes.

The biggest new feature in Hollywood 4.7 is a completely platform independent font backend (which means that TrueType fonts now look exactly, pixel-perfectly the same on every system) as well as support for Unicode UTF-8 based text rendering. But there are other cool new features like support for embedded icons in Windows and Mac OS X executables.

Here is a list of changes in Hollywood 4.7:
  • Completely platform independent font backend
  • Support for UTF-8 based text rendering (Unicode)
  • Icons can be compiled into Windows and Mac OS X executables
  • Extended layer functionality
  • New inbuilt system fonts (sans, monospace, serif)
  • Support for multiple joysticks also on Win32 and Mac OS X
  • New TextureScroll example
  • Various other new features and bug fixes
Although a lot of work went into this update, Airsoft Softwair decided to make Hollywood 4.7 available free of charge as a special gift for our loyal customers. The 4.7 update is available as a direct download (30 megabytes) in both Amiga and Windows versions for all customers of Hollywood 4.5. Please visit the Hollywood product page for the download link of this freegrade.

If you do not own Hollywood yet, you can place your order on the Airsoft Softwair homepage at the title link. (snx)

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23.Apr.2010 (Webseite)

AROS: Remote Desktop Client ported
The Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) allos you to access applications over the network which are launched on a Windows-Terminal-Server. After versions for AmigaOS, AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS under the title link the AROS version is available which was ported by Yannick Erb. So far the sound redirection does not work.

This version is based on the rdesktop-version 1.6.0 and has an user-interface. Besides, it is not a demo version. But you can donate some money to encourage the developers publishing further updates. (snx) (Translation: (dr)

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22.Apr.2010 (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: RSS-Reader XNet-RSS 53.2
Max Tretene's XNet-RSS shows RSS-Feeds which are short messages just like these ones offered by Version 53.2 requires AmigaOS 4.1 Update 1.

New features:
  • Prefs: Added support for the notification system, this allows to read news headlines via pop-up messages (requires AmigaOS 4.1 Update 1)
  • Prefs: Splitted RSS feeds and generals preferences tab into two tabs
  • Net: On AmigaOS 4.1 Update 1 use the new URL Handler instead of the optional OpenURL to open the web browser on the relevant news web page
  • RSS: Improved RSS feeds compatibility
  • GUI: Added listbrowser striping for better readability
  • GUI: RSS feeds groups folding/unfolding status is now saved
Download: xnet_rss.lha (1 MB) (snx) (Translation: (dr)

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21.Apr.2010 (Webseite)

Pictures of Commodore-Show in Maarssen, 17th April
On 17th April in Maarssen (Netherlands) a meeting of the Commodore Gebruikersgroep took place. On the website of the club some pictures were now published. (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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21.Apr.2010 (Webseite)

Starcraft under AmigaOS 4: Stargus 0.5
Stargus is a "mod" for the realtime strategy game Starcraft. With the help of it the game can be played using the open-sorce engine Stratagus which was also ported to AmigaOS.

Meanwhile version 0.5 of the Amiga-port is available. (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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21.Apr.2010 (Webseite)

PDF-Mini-Magazine: Monthly Page 11
The Monthly Page is an English-language magazine which is available as PDF-file. The latest issue among others includes an interview with Hans De Ruiter (AmigaOS 4-MiniGL). (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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AROS-Exec (Forum)

AROS: diskimage.device 52.15
Fredrik Wikström has ported the diskimage.device to AROS/x86.

The diskimage.device is a new development which allows you - similar to the device written by Thore Böckelmann - to das embed different images of data mediums. Currently over 20 formats like adf, dms, hdf, iso and img are supported. (snx) (Translation: (dr)

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