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Archive 08/2006

16.Aug.2006 (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: File system SFS 1.261
Jörg Strohmayer provides an update for the file system SFS. Changes since the last release:
  • Enabled speedups for AmigaOS4 Update4 users
  • No longer allows asynchronous ExNext(), small reads and writes
  • Dropped the IExpansion interface once too much, fixed
  • 32 bit Seek() and SetFileSize() with OFFSET_BEGINNING work up to 4 GB - 2 bytes now.
  • A struct Node was in .rodata, fixed
  • Speed up SFS CD/DVD detection
(cg) (Translation: ub)

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ANN (Webseite)

Amiga(-Forever) meeting in Leipzig
On Tuesday, August the 22nd, 7:30 pm, there will be an informative Amiga(-Forever) evening meeting at the Café Puschkin in der Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 74 in Leipzig.

To optimize the room reservation, Michael C. Battilana by Cloanto asks all interested ppl to do a registration at the title link or by email. (snx) (Translation: ub)

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MorphOS: Snake clone Ri-li 1.2.0
Herbert "HAK" Klackl provides an update of the SDL based Snake clone Ri-li. The archive contains additional and/ or corrected translations, there is also a help display at switches. (cg)

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16.Aug.2006 (Webseite)

Website: with new design and new URL
The AmigaOS 4 portal is reachable at os4welt.denow. Also the design has been modified and optimized for Amiga browsers.

The move yielded to a loss of the old data base, former members should reregister again. (cg) (Translation: ub)

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IRC client: Wookiechat 2.3.1
The latest version of James Carrolls' MUI based IRC client Wookiechat has been bugfixed , also the archive includes several translations now.
  • Now translated to Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, German and French!
  • I've attempted to fix the instability when using DCC SEND under OS3/MOS.. please report back to me if anyones still having problems
  • RESUME support added for outgoing DCC SEND (Incoming RESUME has worked for quite some time, but now it works both ways)
  • There used to be startup text if wookie couldnt load a catalog for your default language. I've since changed this so you only see this text if you run wookie with the "debug" option from shell.
(cg) (Translation: ub)

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16.Aug.2006 (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: Instant messenger Epistula
The latest version of the instant messengers Epistulacomes with several minor extensions and improvements. There is a plugin for the messaging services AIM/ICQ by AOL available now.

The changes in detail:
  • Documentation is provided in PDF form.
  • All imagery within Epistula is now user configurable. I've used PNG images as IFF won't display correctly on my machine. Note a word of warning though; don't try and use a PNG image with more than 256 colours as it will crash. I need to adapt my code to work with high colour images first.
  • You can now add and remove contacts to and from your contact list, although this will also depend on that functionality being implemented fully in the plugin.
  • Contacts can be moved (dragged and dropped) to and from any groups you have with your contact list. Note that I've found a nasty bug in the add group functionality, so it's disabled for now. A fix will be released VERY soon.
  • Full logging is provided should you need it. If I'm missing anything which you'd like implemented and added to the logs, drop me a line and I'll see it's added for the next update.
  • Docky icon implemented, although it doesn't do anything yet and looks err, dark. Best leave it off until I'm finished with it.
  • Updated catalogs and missing translations from last version fixed. If you spot anything which isn't translated let me know so I can fix it. Note that you should remove any old epistula.catalogs.
  • Nicely re-written plugin removal code which uses new features of dos.library to stop those awful crashes and 'Cannot quit plugin' messages.
  • Your installed MUI Classes are checked to make sure they're the correct version or above.

The ICQ-/AIM plugin is called "TOC" and has been tested with the official client of these services. The program has surpassed all tests already, but since this is the first release the author guesses there might be some glitches still.. File transmission as well as sorting the "Buddy list" is not yet implemented. (cg) (Translation: ub)

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Carsten Siegner (ANF)

Hardware-Hack: Shutting down Pegasos with software
Carsten Siegner has developed a hardware-hack which makes it possible shutting down the Pegasos with software. With the current version of MorphOS this is not possible because the Firmware is completely hidden.

Siegners hack consists of a little wiring which will be connected to the floppy-port of the Pegasos and then can shut down the ATX-power pack of the Pegasos. It is released by little tool developed by Guido Meersmann which controls the connection with the help of the trackdisk.device.


The tool "MotorTool_MOSPPC" must be renamed to "Shutdown" and then copied to MOSSYS:C. After building and connecting the hardware now you can shut down the computer with entering "Shutdown" in a Shell-window.

Some versions of Ambient contain the menu point "shut down" - because this also calls up MOSSYS:C/Shutdown the command should shut down the computer as well.

The author points out that he gives no liability if there should be any harm to the hardware which are caused by copying this wiring. You also should have a closer look at the Readme in the programm archive "Motortool.lha".

Construction guidance: Pegasos-Hardwarehack.pdf
Motor tool: MotorTool.lha
trackdisk.device: Downloadseite (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Status-Update of KHTML-port
Marcin 'Marcik' Kwiatkowski has completed the FAQ to his KHTML-port with further aspects: The publication of a first beta version is planned for September or October.

A few source codes of some parts of the project will be not released. But the complete souce code will be given to in order to have the guarantee that the project will be developed further if the author should lose the interest.

The MorphOS-version will be supplied for free. Currently versions for other operating systems (AmigaOS, AROS) are not developed. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Moobunny (Webseite)

PC World-Magazin voted the top 25 of greatest PCs of all time
With reason of the 25th jubilee of the IBM-PC the US-PC World Magazin voted a list of the top 25 of the greatest pc all the time.

They rated the nominated gadgets for innovation, impact, industrial design, and intangibles ("Did it become part of the cultural zeitgeist?").

On the first place is the Apple II, followed by the Compaq Deskpro 386 and the Xerox 8010 Information System, but on the 7th place is Commodore represented with the Amiga 1000. (snx) (Translation: aj)

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14.Aug.2006 (Webseite)

Emulator: PSP-UAE 0.53
PSP-UAE is a port of the known Amiga-Emulators UAE for Sonys Handheld-game PSP. Changes since the last release:
  • Drive Speed option added (This helps alot with long loading games, it wont help with all)
(cg) (Translation: aj)

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14.Aug.2006 (Webseite)

AMIGA-Magazin: Further articles available online (German only)
On the web site of the german print magazine AMIGA-Magazin are more article as reading rehearsals available (German only):
(cg) (Translation: aj)

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Aminet-Uploads until 13.08.2006
Aminet-Uploads since our last report:
FussballBundesliga.lha      biz/misc     10K  GEN  TurboCalc Spreadsheet Football (german)
wookiechat.lha              comm/irc    681K  VAR  IRC Client (Internet Relay Chat)
conv_ara_html-mos.lha       comm/www     12K  MOS  HTML arabic character entities converter    comm/www      4K  GEN  Aminet search plugin for Mozilla Firefox
SpamReport.lha              comm/yam      5K  GEN  Prepare spam reports to SpamCop
libao-morphos.lha           dev/c       715K  MOS  Cross-platform audio library
make-bin.lha                dev/c       355K  OS4  GNU make including parallel compile
ccache-bin.lha              dev/gcc      85K  OS4  Advanced compiler cache
distcc-bin.lha              dev/gcc     403K  OS4  distcc distributed C/C++ compiler
dupfinder.lha               disk/misc    10K  OS4  Finds even more duplicate files on your 
Africa.lha                  game/board  201K  OS3  Conversion of 3W boardgame
atakks.lha                  game/board  856K  OS4  Othello-like clone
Saga.lha                    game/board  350K  OS3  Conversion of TSR boardgame
Q2CE.lha                    game/edit    76K  OS3  Questron 2 Character Editor
bitefusion.lha              game/misc   279K  OS4  Bitefusion - Yet another snake clone
deadlycobra.lha             game/misc   5.9M  OS4  Snake with a twist.
fm.lha                      game/misc   866K  OS4  Old Skool Football Manager
pacman.lha                  game/misc    98K  OS3  Pacman version 0.9B
pengupop.lha                game/misc   1.1M  OS4  PenguPop - A puzzle bobble clone
amisudoku.lha               game/think  211K  OS4  Sodoku game and solver
eremit.lha                  game/think  1.2M  OS4  Ball Puzzle
naster.lha                  game/think  999K  OS4  Nats Mastermind clone
pipepanic.lha               game/think  1.0M  OS4  Pipe puzzle game.
sdlmemory.lha               game/think  2.7M  OS4  Pairs game
BMP2SPEC_AOS4.lha           gfx/conv     43K  OS4  Windows BMP -> Spectrum TAP/Screen$
ffmpeg_os4.lha              gfx/conv     10M  OS4  FFmpeg - Multimedia System
JP2A_AOS4.lha               gfx/conv    582K  OS4  Converts JPEG images to Ascii Art
ST2IFF_AOS4.lha             gfx/conv     55K  OS4  Atari ST NEOchrome/DEGAS -> IFF ILBM.
mencoder.lha                gfx/edit    4.2M  OS4  MEncoder for OS4
amp2-mos_src.lha            gfx/show    530K  GEN  AmiDog's Movie Player 2 (MorphOS sources
WarpView.lha                gfx/show     46K  OS4  A fast Image Viewer using Warp3D
afid_aos4.lha               misc/emu     48K  OS4  Apple ][ DOS 3.3 disk image utility
AmiArcadia.lha              misc/emu    180K  OS3  Emerson Arcadia 2001 emulator
c64bin2p00_aos4.lha         misc/emu     27K  OS4  Convert C64 name to emulator's xxx.P00
DCMtoATR_AOS4.lha           misc/emu     28K  OS4  Atari: Conv DCM files to ATR files
kegs.lha                    misc/emu    700K  OS4  Apple IIgs emulator.
MakeLNX_AOS4.lha            misc/emu     28K  OS4  .LYX to Atari Lynx .LNX file conversion
ShowLNX_AOS4.lha            misc/emu     60K  OS4  Show info about Atari Lynx cart images
sna2tiff_aos4.lha           misc/emu     75K  OS4  Dumps ZX Spectrum Snapshots to TIFF Pic
vice-1.19-20060616.tgz      misc/emu    4.8M  GEN  Vice 1.19 sources (20060616)
VICE-AmigaOS3-1.19.tgz      misc/emu    3.3M  OS3  Vice 1.19 (2006-06-16) - AmigaOS3
VICE-AmigaOS4-1.19.tgz      misc/emu    5.8M  OS4  Vice 1.19 (2006-06-16) - AmigaOS4
VICE-AROS-1.19.tgz          misc/emu    4.2M  ARO  Vice 1.19 (2006-06-16) - AROS x86
VICE-MorphOS-1.19.tgz       misc/emu    4.5M  MOS  Vice 1.19 (2006-06-16) - MorphOS
VICE-powerpc-AROS-1.19.tgz  misc/emu    5.2M       Vice 1.19 (2006-06-16) - AROS ppc
zip2d64_aos4.lha            misc/emu     24K  OS4  Extract C64 Zipcode disks to .D64 image
poet_aos4.lha               misc/misc    40K  OS4  Generates random poetry
pwcrack_aos4.lha            misc/misc    25K  OS4  decrypts PassWorm-encrypted passwords.
UP-BEATS.lha                mods/techn  215K  GEN  UP ROUGH "Beats in Springtime" by Qwan.
UP-CYDIK.lha                mods/techn  695K  GEN  UP ROUGH "Check Your Dick" by Spot
UP-VAFLS.lha                mods/techn   18K  GEN  UP ROUGH "Vaffals!" by Goto80
rockbeat.lha                mus/edit    1.7M  OS4  Create drumming tracks, export them as W
playOGG.lha                 mus/play    1.0M  OS3  multi format sound player.
amipal-music-icons.lha      pix/gicon   2.8M  GEN  amipals music icons
Aminet-Readme-Creator.lha   text/misc    38K  OS3  Generates Aminet upload .readme file
MultiCV_AOS4.lha            text/misc    50K  OS4  Convert ASCII from/to Amiga, DOS & MAC
timer.lha                   util/cli     26K  OS4  Time how long it takes to execute a comm
DM_con_LL.lha               util/dir      9K  GEN  DiskMaster config and associated scripts
sdiREKOPrefs.lha            util/dtype   15K  GEN  Preferences GUI for sdiREKO DataTypes
aiss.lha                    util/misc   2.2M  GEN  AISS - Amiga Image Storage System
lcdtest.lha                 util/misc   809K  OS4  LCD monitor test pattern generator
ReportPlus.lha              util/misc   318K  OS3  Multipurpose utility
adepack.lha                 util/pack   213K  OS4  Depacks packed Amiga files.
deemon.lha                  util/rexx    12K  GEN  deemon -daemonizing Scout
themesaver.lha              util/wb     891K  OS4  Save and recall your Workbench themes
(cg) (Translation: aj)

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14.Aug.2006 Uploads until 13.08.2006
Uploads on since our last report:
rockbeat.lha            aud/tra    1Mb  Create drumming tracks and export them a
wolfenstein.lha         gam/fps    3Mb  Wolfenstein 3D & Spear of Destiny
ffmpeg.lha              vid/con   10Mb  FFmpeg - Multimedia System
mencoder.lha            vid/edi    4Mb  MEncoder for OS4
eremit.lha              gam/puz    1Mb  Ball Puzzle
naster.lha              gam/puz    1Mb  Nats Mastermind clone
fm.lha                  gam/spo  866kb  Old Skool Football Manager
bmp2spec.lha            gra/con   43kb  Windows BMP -> Spectrum TAP/Screen$
st2iff.lha              gra/con   55kb  Converts Atari ST NEOchrome/DEGAS -> IFF
pengupopicon.lha        gra/ico    2kb  Icon for PenguPop
aiss.lha                uti/mis    2Mb  AISS - Amiga Image Storage System
poet.lha                uti/mis   39kb  Generates random poetry
pwcrack.lha             uti/mis   25kb  Pwcrack; decrypts PassWorm-encrypted pas
wookiechat.lha          net/cha  681kb  IRC Client (Internet Relay Chat)
x11-sdk.tgz             dev/mis   21Mb  X11-R6.3 prerelease 2 SDK for AmigaOS 4 
make-bin.lha            dev/uti  355kb  GNU make including parallel compile
sdlmemory.lha           gam/car    2Mb  Pairs game
deadlycobra.lha         gam/mis    5Mb  Snake with a twist.
pipepanic.lha           gam/puz    1Mb  Pipe puzzle game.
jp2a.lha                gra/con  582kb  Converts JPEG images to Ascii Art
vice-src.tgz            emu/com    4Mb  VICE - Versatile Commodore Emulator sour
vice.tgz                emu/com    5Mb  VICE - Versatile Commodore Emulator
afid.lha                emu/uti   48kb  Apple ][ DOS 3.3 disk image utility V1.1
c64bin2p00.lha          emu/uti   26kb  Convert C64 name to popular emulators xx
dcmtoatr.lha            emu/uti   28kb  Conv DCM files to ATR files to use with 
makelnx.lha             emu/uti   27kb  .LYX to Atari Lynx .LNX file conversion 
showlnx.lha             emu/uti   60kb  Displays info about the Atari Lynx cart 
sna2tiff.lha            emu/uti   74kb  Sna2Tiff - Dumps ZX Spectrum Snapshots t
zip2d64.lha             emu/uti   23kb  ZipCode 2 D64 - Extract Zipcode disks to
amipal-music-icons.lha  gra/ico    2Mb  amipals music icons
warpview.lha            gra/vie   46kb  A fast Image Viewer using Warp3D
x11-addon.tgz           net/mis   23Mb  X11-R6.3 prerelease 2 AddOn for AmigaOS 
x11.tgz                 net/mis   47Mb  X11-R6.3 prerelease 2 for AmigaOS 4 (Cyg
adepack.lha             uti/fil  212kb  Depacks packed Amiga files.
multicv.lha             uti/tex   50kb  Convert ASCII from/to Amiga, DOS & MAC
themesaver.lha          uti/wor  891kb  Save and recall your Workbench themes ea
distcc-bin.lha          dev/lan  403kb  distcc distributed C/C++ compiler
ccache-bin.lha          dev/uti   84kb  Advanced compiler cache
kegs.lha                emu/com  699kb  Apple IIgs emulator.
atakks.lha              gam/boa  855kb  Othello-like clone
dupfinder.lha           uti/fil    9kb  Finds even more duplicate files on your 
lcdtest.lha             uti/har  809kb  LCD monitor test pattern generator
fsl.lha                 uti/she    1kb  Lists files with sizes in a easily reada
(cg) (Translation: aj)

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AROS-Archives: Uploads until 13.08.2006
Uploads on aros-archives since our last report:  dem/mis    4kb  Tests the stability of your screen    dev/uti   66kb  Flexcat - utility to create catalog file
(cg) (Translation: aj)

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