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Archive 10/2005


MorphOS: Virtual Grand Prix 2 (Update)
Paolo 'the Alien' Cattani and Alassoft ported Virtual Grand Prix 2 to MorphOS. The full MorphOS version is now available for download free of charge for personal use, as a thank you to the whole MorphOS community.

The MorphOS version has been made possible thanks to a free ODW development system from Genesi/Freescale. It requires MorphOS 1.4.5, the 3D Update and a supported gfx board.

Virtual Grand Prix 2 is a modern open-wheeled racecar simulator by Paolo Cattani and his staff at Alas Soft. It is the sequel of the original Virtual Grand Prix developed for the Amiga range of computers.

VGP2 uses industrial standards for the simulation of the mechanical components of the car, thus achieving a very high degree of realism in the handling of the virtual one-seater.

The MorphOS version of Virtual Grand Prix 2 is free for personal use and can be downloaded from the title link. However, if you think that the software deserves it, you can make a small donation for it. According to the authors, you can consider it as a kind of "sequel-ware" - i.e. if they collect some money, they might port any further development of the game or sequels to MorphOS as well.

Update: (19:00, 01.11.05, snx)
Andrea Maniero points out that the MorphOS version is compatible with additional tracks that have been created for the Mac and Win versions (you just need to edit the VGP2/config/circuiti.config file accordingly), and with the update pack that gives names, models and textures from the real 2004 F1 championship.

The additional packs can be found at the official VGP2 website. For further information, you can also check the old threads in the RaceSimCentral VGP2 forum. (snx)

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Duke (ANF)

Gamedatabase "Amiga Games That Weren't" launched
The Gamedatabase "Amiga Games That Weren't" is now avalaible. Aim of this page is, similar the older page Games That Weren't 64 carry informationen and if possible providing downloads of never released Amiga-games.

The first entry is Son Shu Shi , a Jump'n'Run like Super Wonderboy. Enabled was this by a friend of the coder and Software Preservation Society (Disk Mastering) and Codetapper (WHDLoad-Install). (snx) (Translation: aj)

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Ron van Schaik (ANF)

Event: Picture of the belgian Commodore-Show
Linked to this header are pictures of the belgian Commodore-Show, happened on last sunday in Taverne Schettenberg in Affligem.

The local Brussels TV channel Ring TV and the belgian newspaper "Het Nieuwsblad" were on site. (snx)

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31.Oct.2005 (Webseite) Report of ScummVM 0.8.0 mentioned AmigaOS 4
With the header "ScummVM 0.8.0 - Monkey Island for PSP, PS2 and AmigaOS 4" reports about the up to date version of the Interpreter for LucasArts-Games, which includes a better game support and a better gui. (snx) (Translation: aj)

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30.Oct.2005 (Web page)

Pegasos: Rescue CD Mupper 1.0 Xtreme Makeover Edition
The rescue CD Mupper for the Pegasos is now available in Version 1.0 as "Xtreme Makeover Edition".

In addition to the supported filesystems FAT, VFAT, ReiserFS, XFS, EXT3 and SFS, the contained programs meanwhile comprise, apart from Parted and Midnight Commander,, Mozilla Firefox, QTParted, GTK2+ toolkits, QT and the complete GCC, too, for instance.

Moreover, the Kudzu Hardware Detection and WiFi support for suitable PCI cards based on Atmel, MadWifi and Prism chips are found on the CD. Mupper is based on the Gentoo-Linux 2.6.13 kernel.

Should you like Mupper, you can grant the author, Mikael Karlsson, a small donation via PayPal.

Download: mupper-v1.0.iso (331 MB) (snx) (Translation: cad)

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Andreas Magerl (ANF)

Amiga Cheats Database revised extensively
The German Amiga Cheats Database was completely revised in structure and visuals, whereby a simpler usability was achieved. Currently, cheats for over 2500 games are found here. (snx) (Translation: cad)

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Holger Kremss (ANF)

Emulator : German language DLL for WinUAE 1.1.1
Dr. Creep from the "German Amiga Community" Forum has created a German language DLL for WinUAE 1.1.1.

Direct download: WinUAE_German( (20 KB) (cg) (Translation: cad)

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Alfred Faust (ANF)

AmigaOS 4: Work on BarsnPipes port started
Alfred Faust, responsible for further development of the well-known MIDI sequencer BarsnPipes, has been provided a free ľA1 motherboard by Hyperion in the meantime.

Meanwhile, work was started on a port of the program, whose progress will be reported at this place. (cg) (Translation: cad)

[News message: 30. Oct. 2005, 15:46] [Comments: 1 - 01. Nov. 2005, 05:11]
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Carsten Siegner (ANF)

3D Demo Object for Blender: Gingerbread man with bones (update)
Carsten Siegner has created a demo object for the 3D renderer Blender, which illustrates how bones (so-called fittings) are built into the gingerbread man from the Blender tutorial.

In addition to other diverse platforms, Blender is also available as a port for MorphOS.

Using the bones, you can animate the gingerbread man arbitrarily freely. In the existing demo object, only bones for arms and legs are available, however more - for the movement of the head, for instance - can be added.

The object does not possess textures yet, since it should primarily illustrate the integration of the bones.

Download: Blender-3D-demo.lha (28 KB)

Update: (10:22, 30.10.05, snx)
The related instructions in the original tutorial also exist in German. (snx) (Translation: cad)

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29.Oct.2005 (website)

File systems: updates of NTFS and Ext2 drivers
Marek Szyprowski released updates to his file system handlers for the New Technology Filesystem (NTFS) and the Second Extended Filesystem (Ext2) for AmigaOS 3.x and MorphOS.

Please read the disclaimers in the readme files - you use these beta versions on your own risk.

New in NTFS driver v0.4:
  • updated to latest Ext2FS filesystem skeleton - this adds support for removable media, handler inhibit and shutdown
  • added unicode to local charset translation (read more below)
  • minor bug fixes
New in Ext2 driver v0.20:
  • added support for software write-protection (ACTION_WRITE_PROTECT packet)
  • made cache buffers flush asynchronous - this makes all write operations a lot faster
  • fixed problem with incompatible volume names (like these containing characters '/' and ':')
  • the driver now is able to format disk and create all EXT2 filesystem structures (ACTION_FORMAT packet)
  • by default the filesystem is case insensitive, but you can change this by setting the control field in the mountlist to "CASESENSITIVE"
ext2fs_0.20.lha (92 KB)
ntfs_0.5.lha (66 KB)

Update: (08:30, 31.10.05, snx)
Meanwhile the NTFS driver has been updated to version 0.5. The updates fixes a bug which caused crashes during startup on some systems. (snx) (Translation: wk)

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