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Archive 09/2005


Commodore now a MusicStore
The label "Commodore" can be still well market. A reader has found a MusicStore under the label Commodore. The site has been created by the company Yeahronimo Media Ventures from the Netherlands. (ps) (Translation: dr)

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30.Sep.2005 in the book of the 6000 most important websites
In 2001 was entered in the Internet-Guide "The Web-Address book for Germany - The 6.000 most important German Internet-addresses". The editors of the mw-publishing house have tested about 250.000 Web-offers and recommended the best 6.000. In the 9th issue of this practical Web-guide is also introduced as one of the best Internet-addresses in the section Internet and Computer. (ps) (Translation: dr)

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29.Sep.2005 (homepage)

Interview with the Amiga demo group Abyss has published an interview with the even in the Amiga demo scene known group Abyss under the title link. Bartman and Pink report from the Amiga days as well as from their games for the gameboy advance and nintendo ds. (snx) (Translation: ts)

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Jan Zahurancik (ANF)

Emulation: New screenshots of AmiKit
AmiKit is a completely pre-configured Amiga environment for WinUAE - like "Amiga In A Box" or AmigaSYS.

While the release of AmiKit is getting closer, the following screenshots have been published meanwhile (each picture shows a different graphics style for windows):

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3

To join the AmiKit Yahoo-Group, just send an e-mail or go directly to the corresponding website. (snx)

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29.Sep.2005 (forum)

TroikaNG: Update of the homepage with frequent asked questions
At the homepage of TroikaNG the first questions and answers were entered. Therefore AGP is cancelled because except for the Articia northbridge only the IBM chip CPC 925 offers this function, but it doesn't work with the cpu chosen for the Amy'05 board.

Regarding to the final consumer price 400 British pounds would have been a very careful estimation, but in theory it could also come to 400 US dollarss (ca. 330 EUR at present). (snx) (Translation: ts)

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28.Sep.2005 Uploads until 28.09.2005
Since our last report the folowing files were added to the
make-ppc.lha            dev/uti  174kb  GNU make PPC
entombed_os4.lha        gam/act    1Mb  Entombed - SDL action game
duke3d.lha              gam/fps  519kb  Duke Nukem 3D
uqm-src.lha             gam/mis    1Mb  Sources for Ur-Quan Masters
uqm.lha                 gam/mis   10Mb  The Ur-Quan Masters port
blobtrix_os4.lha        gam/puz   11Mb  BlobTrix OS4
ttt_os4.lha             gam/boa  593kb  Tic Tac Toe OS4
rott.lha                gam/fps    3Mb  Rise of the Triad
fillets-ng.lha          gam/puz    1Mb  Fish Fillets NG port
gemdropx_os4.lha        gam/puz    1Mb  GemDropX_OS4
blackbox_os4.lha        gam/boa    1Mb  BlackBox OS4
savvyppc.lha            net/sam  178kb  Savvy (as in networker) smbfs GUI progra
vectoroids_os4.lha      gam/act    1Mb  Vectoroids - SDL action game
addtraction_os4.lha     gam/boa  199kb  AddTraction_OS4
bugsquish_os4.lha       gam/act    1Mb  Bug squish - SDL action game
circuslinux_os4.lha     gam/act    1Mb  Circus Linux! - SDL action game
penguincommand_os4.lha  gam/act    2Mb  Penguin Command OS4
sdlzombies_os4.lha      gam/mis    3Mb  SDLZombies_OS4
trailblazer_os4.lha     gam/mis  170kb  Traliblazer OS4
mindless_os4.lha        gam/puz    2Mb  Mindless_OS4
cpuwatcher.lha          uti/wor   21kb  Measures CPU, free memory and network tr
swfplayer.lha           vid/pla    1Mb  Standalone shockwave player for Amiga
raw_os4.lha             gam/act  440kb  RAW
(cg) (Translation: ub)

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MorphZone (Download-Bereich)

MorphOS: SDL game KoboDeluxe ported / Alpha version 0.5 of ezTCP

KoboDeluxe 0.4pre10

Herbert Klackl has ported the SDL based Shoot'em up game KoboDeluxe to MorphOS (screen shot). The game offers a fast 8 way scrolling, 17 different kinds of adversaries and 50 maps.


ezTCP 0.5 alpha

The PPC native TCP/IP stack ezTCP by Pavel 'Sonic' Fedin is now available in the alpha version 0.5. This is a bounty project, current contribution is 1095,73 US dollar.

Among the improvements in version 0.5 is the fix to set the socket owner correctly, required e.g. for Jabberwocky. Also the program checks for an already present instance of the bsdsocket.library within the memory at launch.

Download (snx) (Translation: ub)

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MorphOS Development Team (ANF)

MorphOS: New PowerUp Edition available
A new version of the PowerUp Edition of MorphOS has been released by the MorphOS Development Team. The PowerUp Edition enables Amiga Computers to run this operating system, provided that they have been expanded by a PowerPC processor board.

The most important changes in the new version:
  • Missing TrueType font added which results in a major speedup of MUI and related applications
  • Compatible 680x0 libraries added
  • New 800x600@60Hz default boot screenmode
  • 56kHz paula audio is enabled now
  • Updated Voodoo 2D drivers
  • Voodoo 3D driver added
  • Updated documentation

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MorphZone (Forum)

MorphUp: Betatest of the packet manager will start soon
Rupert 'naTmeg' Hausberger will start a beta test for his packet manager MorphUp soon. All who contributed to the bounty for this project are invited to the test (bounty name: ezPM; current contribution: 316,55 US-Dollar).

MorphUp is a packet management system like known from the Linux world consisting of a generator and a client. The packet manager looks for updates and available programs and downloads the regarding files automatically, the user does not need to seek for the files manually, by visiting lots of different sites.
The packet manager should be able to do the installation, updates and verification of MorphOS compounds and applications ( reported).

Bounty contributers interested in beta testing may do the following during the next two weeks:
  • Download the file hwid.lha and launch it by the shell
  • Send an email with the subject "*** MorphUP beta ***" followed by the following information to Rupert Hausberger:
    • The hwid output of the program at the shell
    • Your corresponding name as listed at the donators directory.
    • Optional yor real or user name
Email notification will be within two weeks. (snx) (Translation: ub)

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Christian Rosentreter (ANF)

MorphOS: AIFF/AIFF-C, RIFF WAVE and Sun/NeXT audio player for AmiNetRadio
Three new player plugins for AmiNetRadio 3.x have been released by Christian 'tokai' Rosentreter.

wave.player 3.10

The player reads RIFF WAVE (Resource Interchange File Format Audio Waveform) files and supports mono and stereo samples which are stored in 8bit - 32bit linear PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) or with A-law, -law, Float 32bit or Float 64bit compression.

aiff.player 3.3

This player adds support for Apple's Audio Interchange File Format. It reads mono and stereo AIFF/AIFF-C files, and as wave.player it supports samples stored with 8bit - 32bit PCM or compressed samples with A-law, -law, Float 32bit or Float 64bit data.

au.player 3.2

The last one of the trio is for Sun/NeXT Audio files. It supports interleaved mono and stereo data which is stored in Big- or Little-Endian byte order. Like both other players it understands 8bit, 16bit, 24bit and 32bit linear PCM and A-law, -law, Float 32bit and Float 64bit compressed samples.

All three players come with documenation and are freeware. You can get them at the title link. (snx)

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