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Archive 06/2005

Vinnny (ANF)

Demo-Party: DiHALT 2005 in Russia
The demo party DiHALT 2005 takes place August 13/14 in Dzerzhinsk (Oblast Nizhny Novgorod). DiHALT'2005 is an event for programmers, musicians, graphic artists, Web designers and other creative professions. The main platforms are Amiga/Pegasos, ZX-Spectrum and PC. If you have questions, please contact Vinnny. (snx)

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Codex Alpe Adria: New schedule for the show
On July the 2nd 2005 the yearly Codex Alpe Adria show will be held in Udine/Italy. Read in the following the latest schedule for the show or visit Codex Alpe Adria.

  • 10:30 - M. C. Battilana of Cloanto:
    • Welcome
    • Presentation of Codex Alpe Adria 2005
    • Call for Debate on Future Editions
  • 11:30 - Jens Schönfeld of Individual Computers:
    • Presentation of the C-One, including the latest Schneider CPC, Turbo CPC, VIC-20 and C64 cores
    • Presentation of the MMC64 (video playback on C64, etc.)
    • Presentation of the Catweasel MK4 controller (integration with Amiga Forever 2005, etc.)
  • 12:30 - Christian Celona of yellowTab:
    • Presentation of Zeta 1.0 (evolution of BeOS, released on June 9th, 2005)
  • 13:00 - Break
  • 13:30 - Dario Soccoli:
    • Presentation of the latest version of AmigaOS 4.0
  • 14:00 - Max Tretene of Soft3:
  • 14:30 - Andrea Maniero and Mauro Nardotto:
    • Presentation of the latest Pegasos hardware and MorphOS operating system
  • 15:00 - Break
  • 16:00 - Open Microphone
  • 17:00 - Demo Compo Winners Announced
  • 17:30 - M. C. Battilana of Cloanto:
    • Presentation of Amiga Forever 2005
    • Closing Notes
Personal Presentations

All the speakers of the scheduled sessions will be available throughout the day for personal presentations. This especially applies to the case where the language of the session was not what you hoped for, in which case we are at your disposal to repeat, translate and assist as desired.

Additional presentations will be held at the various computing desks located at the venue.
  • Several demo composers will present their creations (list to be published)
  • Enrico Vidale and his Virtual Works staff will show AmigaOne and Pegasos hardware running various operating systems
  • Joachim Thomas of Light Elements Software will present the latest AmigaAnywhere cross-platform software on various PDAs
  • Federico will present his project for a GameCube emulator written in Objective C for Mac OS X
International Audience

As in previous years, visitors and attendees have pre-registered from several neighboring and more distant countries, including Austria, Slovenia, Germany, Denmark, Finland and the UK. We encourage everybody to take this opportunity to build bridges and make new friends. (ps) (Translation: ub)

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Sylvio K. (ANF)

Soms3D AmigaOS4 version available
The "Anime Development for Amiga Team" (ADA) has put the latest OS4 alpha version of their 3D engine Soms3D to the Intuitionbase as well as some screen shots.

The new engine requires AmigaOS4 and update 3 as well as a Warp3D compatible gfx card (Voodoo, Radeon 7000, 7500). A WarpOS version will follow soon. (ps) (Translation: ub)

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29.Jun.2005 (Webseite)

Genesi: Website for the upgrade program for Pegasos I owners online (2nd Update)
For Genesi's announced upgrade from Pegasos I/G3 boards to Pegasos II/G4 for EUR 200 ( reported) one can now apply for at the title link. The program is available only to 1st hand owners of a Pegasos I.

If you don't know how to prove this you may contact Genesi and the isuues wille be worked out together.

Also required is the MAC address of the internal Ethernet port. How to read out that is deocumented in the manual of your regarding driver or network stack of your system.

Please note also that the shipping cost for sending your Pegasos I is on your side. Alternativly you can keep your Pegasos I for an additional fee of EUR 100.

The Pegasos II will be send immediately afer veryfication of your data and receipt of the Pegasos I board

The send back Pegasos I boards must be fully intact and will be endowed to the Debian SkoleLinux project for education facilities. Please take care while packing the board, malfunctioning or otherwise flawed boards will be excluded from the upgrade program.

Update: (18:21, 30.06.05, snx)
Customers without a credit card may send an e-mail to, according to a comment by Genesi's management at

Update 2: (09:39, 01.07.05, snx)
As Genesi announce in a comment at MorphZone, this time-limited upgrade offer will end July 10. All orders received so far would have been shipped already. (snx) (Translation: ub)

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Steffen Nitz (ANF)

SN-EuroArchiv V2.00 / Die Kleine Gilde V0.705
The programs "SN-EuroArchiv" and "Die Kleine Gilde II" by Steffen Nitz have been updated. Input fields were adjusted for MorphOS, there is now no special version of "Die Kleine Gilde II" needed for MorphOS any longer. Additionally some backgrounf graphics have been replaced. (snx) (Translation: ub)

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AROS: Support for Prism2 based WLAN cards
Thanks to Neil Cafferkey AROS supports Prism2 based WLAN cards now. A driver for AmigaOS 3.x, AmigaOS4 and MorphOS by the same author is also vailable ( reported). AROS supports also 3com and NE2000 cards. (snx) (Translation: ub)

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scene news network (ANF)

Demoszene: Breakpoint 2005 party report by the PC scene diskmag Hugi
Following the title link there is a pictured English report by the PC scene diskmag Hugi from the demo scene party Breakpoint 2005 available. (snx) (Translation: ub)

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Cloanto: Amiga Forever 2005 soon available!
Amiga Forever 2005, the leading Windows-based Amiga-emulator, will be announced shortly by Italian developer Cloanto. There will be a Premium Edition on two DVDs including special video material as well as a Plus Edition with bonus stuff. Customers who purchased version 6.0 within a month before the release of the new version will be eligible to receive a free upgrade. (nba)

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IOSPIRIT has moved
IOSPIRITs move to a new building is now almost complete and from now on should only have minor to no effects on their availability and productivity. The developer and publisher is now back to normal. Their new contact data is now available in the imprint of the The Amiga-pages are be kept online at (ps) (Translation: nba)

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padrino (ANF)

MUI: Update of texteditor.mcc to version 15.13
Th eunder open source license published MUI class texteditor.mcc is available in version 15.13 following the tile link. The update fixes some bugs of the predecssor version only.

The archive contains native versionen for MorphOS and AmigaOS 4 also and is mandatory for the latest YAM developer version. (snx) (Translation: ub)

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Anton Reinauer (E-Mail)

Status update: AmiZilla- and GTK-wrapper project
Ok, many people seem to think the AmiZilla project is dead, and with good reason, as there's been no information released in a long time. So I thought I'd put out an update, so people can see things are happening!

Ok, firstly, the NSPR (Netscape Portable Runtime) is basically functionally complete - this is a base Operating System abstraction layer (for things like TCP/IP etc). XPCOM (Cross Platform Component Object Model) seems to be mostly functioning - it allows different components in Mozilla to message each other, and access files on any platform, etc.

A couple of people have had the code compiling with these layers, producing an exe of around 500M in size (with debug info), which ran and exited cleanly, but requires an X11 server as a screen device! At the moment, we have switched from a static huge exe, to a library version (a2ixlibrary), but we haven't been able to do a complete build with this yet.

We're creating some helpful documentation on what files are needed, and how to compile an exe etc, along with some much needed info on how to set up a Cross-Compiling environment on Linux and Windows. This is very important, as unless you have a Dragon accelerator, you can't compile AmiZilla on a 68k-based Amiga, as they physically just don't have enough memory to compile it (you need 256-512M memory at least, and we won't even go into how long it takes to compile 200M of source code, on a 68k...)! It should be possible to compile it on an AmigaOne, or Pegasos though.

But more interesting, a couple of people are working on a GTK->MUI(Zune)/Reaction layer, primarily for the AmiZilla project, but it will be able to be used for other GTK apps too.

It's likely, we will be looking at getting Firefox running first (it's only a simple compiler switch, to compile either Firefox or Mozilla), then maybe the whole Mozilla suite if people want it (probably unnecessary though).

We're looking at getting it running on 68k/MUI first, and hopefully the 68k exe should run on AmigaOS4 and MorphOS as is.

Then we can look at MorphOS/OS4/AROS native ports. With a MorphOS port we may need a compile of the latest version of GCC ie: 3.x, to be able to compile AmiZilla though.

The GTK->MUI/Reaction layer will be done as a separate project, to make it easier to support multiple OSes (Amiga 3.x, OS4, MorphOS and AROS), but the initial target will be to get Firefox running on AmigaOS 3.x.

Also, an AROS bounty has been put up for a GTK->MUI(Zune) layer, so that it can then be easily ported to any other Amiga Operating System (if not already done). Also, the MorphZone bounty program is considering, either starting their own GTK->MUI wrapper bounty, or pointing it towards the AROS one.

The GTK layer will be done as two shared libs - glib.library and gtk.library.

So far, GTK->MUI seems fairly straightforward, as MUI is quite flexible, and fairly similar in structure to GTK- these both use an Object Model (ie: as in using objects like Windows, Buttons etc, not as in C++/Java Object-Orientated programming!), and GTK does not poke directly into it's data structures, but uses functions for object manipulation.

We've put together a basic working example using GTK calls, of initialising GTK (really an MUI call), opening a Window with a Button on it, closing the Window, and shutting the system (MUI) down. We've also compiled the GTK dev-kit examples helloworld and helloworld2, without any modification to their sources.

One minor problem is that MUI gives back a pointer when it's initialised, but GTK doesn't, so we'll have to save that pointer somehow, probably in per-app data, saved within the library structure itself.

At already screenshots have been published, showing the GTK-MUI wrapper under AmigaOS 3.1, AROS and MorphOS. Also demo code and compiled exes (68k) can be found there (Download, 33 KB).

GDK is an OS independent video abstraction layer for GTK - GTK makes it's calls to GDK, which then calls the underlying system (in Linux it's X-Windows). We haven't looked into it fully yet, but we shouldn't have to worry about GDK, as only GTK calls it, and Firefox shouldn't make any direct calls to it - and as we're replacing GTK calls with MUI/Reaction ones, GDK won't be called!

More of a challenge will be GLib- we're currently researching how much Firefox uses it, as some of GLib is very simple, and would just take a recompile, but other stuff like events, signals and threads could be more problematic, and may require replacing with Reaction/MUI calls.

More developers are always welcome to join us - the more resources we have, the quicker this will get done! :) To join the AmiZilla list, either send an e-mail or go to the website (but you need to create a Yahoo account to do it this way). Also, donations to help attract more developers, are most welcome too! :)

Anton Reinauer
AmiZilla project (snx)

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