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Archive 07/2004

Sven Drieling Commentary Script - Bugfixes
Sven Drieling took care of the following errors in our commentary script:

  • Bugfix: URLs in the comments with the "|" symbol did not completely work with the referenced link when one clicked on them (Martin Heine).
  • Bugfix: "mailto:" was changed around in a clickable link (Christoph Gutjahr).
(ps) (Translation: dm)

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AmigaOS 4: Zombie Apokalypse
"Zombie Apocalypse" is a 2D shooter written by Blackbird. An AmigaOS 4 version has been released today. (cg)

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15.Jul.2004 (Website)

2D shoot'em up: Blackshoot
'Blackshoot' is a 2D shoot'em up written with AmiBlitz 2 supporting graphics and sound cards. Versions for AmigaOS 3 and AmigaOS 4 are available. (cg) (Translation: cg)

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15.Jul.2004 Recent uploads
rtgmaster-os4fix.lha        dri/gra   71 KB RTGmaster OS4 fix
tactictowers.lha            gam/mis   51 KB Sort the tower before the other player does.
amishots.lha                gra/mis  108 KB AMIShots for Amiga. An Amiga clone of Webshots
sid4amigaos4.lha            aud/pla  371 KB Sid4Amiga
addmenu.lha                 uti/mis   10 KB Adds more menus to the Workbench
ispell-3.2.06-aos40.tar.gz  uti/tex    2 MB Ispell
sge.lha                     emu/uti   87 KB SGE: The Spectrum Graphics Editor/Ripper 68k/PPC
(cg) (Translation: cg)

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15.Jul.2004 (Website)

AmigaOS 4: Movie player AMP (Beta)
"AmiDog" released a first beta version of his movie player for AmigaOS 4. According to the author, it's a "a quick and dirty port of the latest beta containing a lot of untested stuff".

Direct download: AMP2-BETA-040705.lha (899 KB) (cg) (Translation: cg)

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15.Jul.2004 (Website)

AmigaOS 4: Status Update from Ben Hermans
An member has released a transcript of Ben Hermans' speech at 'Amiga Alpe Adria' (3rd of July, Udine/Italy). (cg) (Translation: cg)

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Gerd Frank (E-Mail)

BSD: DragonFly 1.0 Released
FreeBSD branch DragonFly was released at version 1.0 this week. The beginner of the project is Matthew Dillon, an Amiga user known for DICE C Compiler among other software. You may find out more about this Unix derivative at Heise. (snx) (Translation: dm)

[News message: 15. Jul. 2004, 16:07] [Comments: 0]
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Andreas Magerl (ANF)

German Translation of DiscreetFX Interview
On a short time ago there was an English-language interview with DiscreetFX (responsible for Amizilla and so on).

As of today there is a German-language version of the interview at the Amiga Future Homepage. (cg) (Translation: dm)

[News message: 15. Jul. 2004, 15:38] [Comments: 0]
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Christian Rosentreter (ANF)

MorphOS: OpenTTD 0.3.3
OpenTTD is an open source clone of the Microprose game "Transport Tycoon Deluxe". Other than with the original game several extensions and new features were added, e.g. many functions of the famous TTD patch were integrated directly.

The most important change compared to the official release for MorphOS is surely working network support.

Interesting changes at a glance:
  • network support for MorphOS
  • improved German town name generator
  • transparent station signs
  • show total cargo per wagon type in train details window
  • bridges on slopes
  • Galician translation
  • Extra dynamite, allow the removal of town-owned roads, bridges, tunnels for a popularity rating penalty
  • magic bulldozer cheat, that lets you remove industries, unmovables and town-owned buildings, roads and bridges
  • Enabled 'remove' button for stations
  • Cheat GUI (activate with crtl-alt-c) The game remembers if you have used a cheat
  • split canal/lock tool in two tools, one for building canals, one for locks.
  • make the HQ generate passengers and mail
  • made helicopters able to land on small airports again
  • display number of houses in town overview window
  • realistic train reversing
  • added water quantity level "very low", which is the default for easy mode now
  • various small improvement for the MorphOS build
  • alt + f now toggles full screen (alt + enter still works)
  • autorenew: autorenews vehicles if enabled.
  • news history window
  • larger smallmap size
  • Austrian Citynames
  • Polish translation
  • Danish translation
  • smooth economy changes
  • TTDPatch-style gotodepot.
  • helicopters get serviced automatically on helipad
  • center toolbar on screen
  • two new airports
  • Resizing the window in all SDL builds
A complete list of all changes is to obtain from the changelog.

The archive is downloadable by the title link. Additional some selected files from the original game (Windows version) are required. (snx) (Translation: ub)

[News message: 14. Jul. 2004, 20:09] [Comments: 0]
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14.Jul.2004 (Website)

IRC-Client: WookieChat version 1.2 released
The IRC client WookieChat is available as version 1.2 (353 KB) now. The enforcer hits are not solved yet but the author wanted to release the current state before he will go on vacations. If there are problems with the new version there is still the version V1.1 available for download.

Changes with V1.2:
  • Installation script added
  • "Perform on connect" support added. So you can join channels, register with nickserv, etc, automatically when you connect to a server. Edit the Group entry to change your connect script.
  • Support added for server passwords
  • No longer crashes when you are missing any of the three MUI custom classes that WookieChat requires. It will give an error message instead.
  • You can now /part channels and close private message (query windows) tabs by clicking the X button in the top left hand corner.
  • If you try to use a command that isn't yet supported, the "/" prefix in the line you typed will be removed and the rest of the line will be sent to the server. /mode and /nickserv now work because of this. This might help with future IRC developments too... i.e. when new commands become available on networks, the client doesn't have to be updated to support them.
  • Bug fix: when you were disconnected from IRC by either the server or by typing /quit, the program would go into a never ending loop locking up the program. Fixed.
  • Bug fix: When a server name was too big for its button, it created weird problems. Now when a server name is too long, the string is restricted to 10 characters. So hopefully multiple server support works better now.
  • Bug fix: Can connect to the Galaxynet network fine now.
  • Bug fix: when connecting to a server in a new tab, sometimes the previous tab you were in wouldn't change its selected state to FALSE.
  • Bug fix: No longer crashes if you load WookieChat without first loading a TCP/IP stack. When you attempt to connect to a server, it loads bsdsocket.library if it hasn't been already, and if it fails it gives an error message.
  • Change: Nicklist listviews are a fixed size now, so when the window is small, you can still see the status symbols to the left of peoples nicks
(snx) (Translation: ub)

[News message: 14. Jul. 2004, 09:43] [Comments: 0]
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Various software updates
Solar Rescue

"Solar Rescue" is a small shooter created with the legendary "SEUCK" ('Shoot'em Up Construction Kit').

Direct download: (346 KB)


Back-It-All-Up mirrors the content of one hard drive on another one. It supports up to eight partitions, partitions bigger than 4 GB, can use its own screen or open a window on the Workbench screen and offers a lot of features.

Direct download: backitallup98.lha (17 KB)

Worm Wars 7.82

"Worm Wars" ist a 'Tron' clone by James 'Amigan' Jacobs (screenshot). Version 7.82 introduces miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.

Direct download: WormWars.lha (542 KB) (cg) (Translation: cg)

[News message: 13. Jul. 2004, 23:39] [Comments: 0]
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Cloanto (ANF)

Amiga Alpe Adria: Photos and MP3 files (Update)
At the official Amiga Alpe Adria website you can find further photos from this event which took place in Udine, Italia, on July 3rd (among other stuff some classic Commodore computers were shown) as well as mp3 files of the speech by Ben Hermans (Hyperion) and further presentations.

Update: (13.07.04, 14:24, snx)
At the Amiga Show Archive there is also a Video (43 MB) of Ben Hermans' speech available. (snx)

[News message: 13. Jul. 2004, 07:39] [Comments: 0]
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