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Archive 02/2004

small world (ANF)

New PhotoCDs from the Digital-Album series
The CDROM series "Digital Albums" has been extended. Every CD contains many photos, scanned using the latest CANON technology or directly via Sony Cyber-shot digitally recorded. Because of the high resolution the pictures are of course ideal for DTP and websites design, too. The prices for a CD vary from 5,- to 8,- EUR.

Right now available are the following "Digital Albums":
Argentina, Brazil, Cars and Racing, Galicia, Lisbon, Majorca, Mexico, Netherlands, Paris, Tenerife, Toscana and Valley of the Kings & The Nile.

All pictures come in the JPG format and the covers were created on Amiga using ArtEffect. (nba) (Translation: wk)

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28.Feb.2004 (website)

Pegasos: Turkish quickstart guide for MorphOS installation
With a Turkish version is Jürgen Lucas's quickstart guide for the MorphOS installation on the Pegasos now available in seven languages. Next to German, English and French these are Italian, Spanish and Swedish. (snx) (Translation: wk)

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Andreas Magerl (ANF)

APC&TCP and Amiga Future move
Andreas Magerl wrote:

"APC&TCP and the Amiga Future have moved to a new address.

Our new address is:

Postfach 20
83234 Übersee

We can't be contacted via the address Postfach 82 and Dorfstraße 17 any more!" (cg) (Translation: wk)

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Christian Krenner (ANF)

"The Extreme Amiga 600 Upgrading Page" in German
The Extreme Amiga 600 Upgrading Page has been translated completely into German because of the requests of many readers and does now contain a discussion forum. The site documents an Amiga 600 upgrade project. (cg) (Translation: wk)

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ANN (website)

MorphOS: Starter GUI for Nintendo emulator Snes9x
Pawel "Stefkos" Stefanski has released SNES9xStarter. With this tool you can start the MorphOS port of the SuperNintendo emulator Snes9x via a graphical user interface.

Download (44 KB) (snx) (Translation: wk)

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28.Feb.2004 (website)

SongPlayer 1.62 for MorphOS released (AmigaOS version to follow)
The SongPlayer for MorphOS is now available in version 1.62 (603 KB). The update of the Amiga version (current version v1.60) will follow soon.

The SongPlayer supports MP2/MP3, Ogg Vorbis, IFF, AIFF, WAVE, AU and CDDA. In the current version the Vorbis support has been added via a system library for MorphOS as well as a CDDA title editor. In addition to several bug fixes in the MorphOS version there are new icons and buttons by André Siegel and Treveur Bretaudiere. (snx) (Translation: wk)

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Steve Evans (E-Mail)

Magazine: The Crypt #34
Issue 34 of the online magazine called "The Crypt" with the title "tribes" has been published. You can read under the title link in the online issue about computer news, stories and further reports. If you want to read it offline then download the following version.

Download: ZIP-version of The Crypt #34

The content of the current issue:
  • Cleaning Your Computer
  • Liteon DVD+R/+RW
  • Gone to Lunch
  • Amiga Tips and Tricks
  • Pets Corner
  • Jokes and more
(nba) (Translation: dr)

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Computer City (e-mail)

ImageInstaller V2: Distribution starting March 1st, AmigaOne version announced
On March 1st, the distribution of the ImageInstaller V2 will start. Initially, there will be versions for Pegasos I + II and classic Amiga computers with PPC card.

The DVD version contains the Gentoo, Mandrake 9.1 Bamboo, Yellow Dog and PegXLin distributions. For the CD version, the wanted distribution(s) can be choosen.

In April an AmigaOne version of the Image Installer V2 CD and DVD will follow.

More information can be found at (snx)

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WHDLoad (Website)

WHDLoad: New packets until 26.02.2004
With WHDLoad you can install games on your hard drive which have been originally written for disks. The following packets have been added or updated since our last message:
  • 24.02.04 new: Prospector in the Mazes of Xor (Hidden Treasures/Logotron)
  • 23.02.04 new: Pinball Brain Damage (Mind's Eye)
  • 21.02.04 improved: Starblade (Silmarils)
  • 21.02.04 improved: Metal Mutant (Silmarils)
  • 19.02.04 fixed: Toki (Ocean)
  • 19.02.04 improved: Pinball Fantasies (21st Century)
  • 19.02.04 improved: Gunship 2000 (Microprose)
  • 19.02.04 improved: Banshee (Core Design)
  • 19.02.04 improved: Arctic Fox (Electronic Arts)
  • 19.02.04 improved: Maya (Silmarils)
  • 19.02.04 new: Les Portes Du Temps (Legend)
  • 17.02.04 improved: Toki (Ocean)
  • 17.02.04 improved: Boston Bomb Club (Silmarils)
  • 17.02.04 new: Pinball Wizard (H.G.Berg/Kingsoft)
  • 17.02.04 improved: Wind Surf Willy (Silmarils)
  • 17.02.04 improved: Targhan (Silmarils)
  • 17.02.04 improved: Colorado (Silmarils)
  • 17.02.04 improved: Bunny Bricks (Silmarils)
  • 17.02.04 fixed: Robinson's Requiem (Silmarils)
  • 17.02.04 improved: Ishar 3 (Silmarils)
  • 17.02.04 improved: Ishar 2 (Silmarils)
  • 17.02.04 improved: Ishar (Silmarils)
  • 14.02.04 new: Death Sword (Palace/Epyx)
  • 14.02.04 improved: Ishar 2 (Silmarils)
  • 14.02.04 new: Hugo (Silverrock/ITE)
  • 13.02.04 new: The King Of Chicago (Cinemaware)
(nba) (Translation: dr)

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Spiegel Online (Website)

Spiegel Online: Troll you, Trolls!
In an online offer of the news magazine Spiegel, Frank Patalong authored a comment about the theme "Behavior on the Internet" that was very interesting for a few users: "the Mecklenburg-Vorpommerns Prime Minister Harald Ringstorff didn't want to let it pass: an email writer called him an "arrogant, ignorant hysteric."" Ringstorff complained about the insult. Hopefully a school didn't do that - neither the one nor the other. Read the complete article at Spiegel Online under the title link. (nba) (Translation: dm)

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Audio CD Player for MorphOS
"CDPlayer" is a little program for the playing of audio CDs under MorphOS (screenshot).

Direct download (26 KB) (cg) (Translation: dm)

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Henrik Mikael Kristensen (E-Mail)

Status update from "AWeb Open Source Project"
The AWeb Open Source Project has released a new status update. (cg)

[News message: 26. Feb. 2004, 18:19] [Comments: 0]
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Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom Initiates Per Unit T-DSL Connection Fees
[article about increases in German Internet connection fees not translated, of little interest to non-Germans -dm] (cs) (Translation: dm)

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26.Feb.2004 (Website)

Crux Linux PPC for Pegasos II Available
As of version 1.3.1 Crux Linux PPC is now also available for the Pegasos II.

Crux is a lightweight, optimized Linux distro that is intended for experienced Linux users. The special attention here is on the one hand to keep everything simple and on the other hand to have modern Linux characteristics, current tools, and libraries. A ports system for the simplification of installations and updates is included. (snx) (Translation: dm)

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ANN (Website)

Amiga Insider: New German Language PDF Magazine
The first edition of AmigaInsider marks the launch of a new German language PDF magazine about the Amiga.

The first issue contains reports about AmigaOS 4.0 and Pegasos II as well as short, up-to-date news releases. There's an interview with Steffen Häuser, a Hollywood workshop, and columns on Amiga Arena and the game Schlachtfeld.

Here's the download link for issue #1 (1.7 MB). (snx) (Translation: dm)

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Aminet (Website)

Aminet Uploads through 26th February, 2004
Here are the new Aminet uploads since our last announcement:
Babelfish.lha        comm/irc     3K+Use babelfish from AmIRC/Shell
FamAmigaUses.lha     docs/hyper  22K+A guide about famous Amiga uses!
AmigaFuture47.lha    docs/mags  674K+Great german paper mag preview
Sv5-1.lha            gfx/misc   592K+SView5 V1.45 (23.2.2004) - Part 1/7
Sv5-2.lha            gfx/misc   157K+SView5 V1.45 (23.2.2004) - Part 2/7
Sv5-3a.lha           gfx/misc   127K+SView5 V1.45 (23.2.2004) - Part 3a/7
Sv5-3b.lha           gfx/misc   329K+SView5 V1.45 (23.2.2004) - Part 3b/7
Sv5-4.lha            gfx/misc    38K+SView5 V1.45 (23.2.2004) - Part 4/7
Sv5-5.lha            gfx/misc   147K+SView5 V1.45 (23.2.2004) - Part 5/7
Sv5-6.lha            gfx/misc   158K+SView5 V1.45 (23.2.2004) - Part 6/7 (opt
Sv5-7.lha            gfx/misc   158K+SView5 V1.45 (23.2.2004) - Part 7/7 (opt
Sv5-IFX.lha          gfx/misc    14K+SView5 - ImageFX loader/saver V1.3 (23.2
Sv5-PPaint.lha       gfx/misc    10K+SView5 - PPaint loader/saver V5.2 (23.2.
imdbDiff040213.lha   misc/imdb  3.2M+Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase
PuK-Lottery.lha      misc/misc   16K+PuK-Lottery (portacall uk lottery with n
AmiZipRecover.lha    util/arc    95K+Amiziprecover beta v1(Amiga zip recover)
StartBar-ITA.lha     util/misc   87K+Italian version of StartBar
pfc.lha              util/pack   62K+PFC beta v1(PersonalFileCompresser)
(ps) (Translation: dm)

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26.Feb.2004 (Website)

Video from the OS4 Demonstration in Newcastle
There's a 70 minute video for download of the OS4 event in Newcastle (England) that took place last Saturday. In it is a "Q&A Session" with Alan Redhouse. The formats WMV and REAL are available, an MPEG version will be prepared over the weekend.

Direct download: WMV (49.5 MB)
Direct download: REAL (23 MB) (cg) (Translation: dm)

[News message: 26. Feb. 2004, 00:58] [Comments: 0]
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