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Archive 11/2002

Jan Andersen (E-Mail)

Virus Help Denmark is finally back ...
Good news all. The VHT-DK website is ready and will be up in about 3 hours. All the pages has been updated, and are ready to be used. Nice to be back and do some antivirus work. Please all send me any new viruses or trojan that you might fall over. Thanks for your great support in the last few months!!!!

And another great thing has happend to VHT. After almost 15 years of fighting and hunting virus the Virus Help Team has finally been nominated for our work at the "Amiga Award 2002 Extra - Nominees". Please all go and vote for VHT, it would be nice if VHT could get this award.
The link is:

Thanks all....

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Andreas Falkenhahn (E-Mail)

Multimedia authoring system: Hollywood Screenshots - JP Credits & Senso
Today I have published screenshots that show a remake of the Jurassic Park credits done with Hollywood and a game called Senso (a software version of the popular board game Senso). The screenshots show again the extremely wide ranged functionality of Hollywood: You can do everything from the simple credits roll to the complete game. The only limit is your creativity. (ps)

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Christoph Gutjahr (ANF)

RiscPC: New computers for the Acorn fans
The one or the other perhaps remembers the RiscPCs based on ARM/StrongARM processors built by the Acorn company. The manufacturer changed some years ago its name to Element 14 and abandonned the further develoment of its desktop computers. The rights for the operating system "RiscOS" now belong to the company RiscOS Ltd.

RiscOS compatible computers are produced by smaller independant British manufacturers like Castle or MicroDigital.

As OSNews report, is on the "Midlands RISC OS Show" the iyonix PC sold for the first time; priced at 1299,- UKP it offers the following features:

  • Totally new motherboard design
  • 80321 XScale 32-bit ARM processor. This processor runs at 600MHz and is a system-on-a-chip, containing all the necessary interface electronics for things like PCI under the hood.
  • RISC OS 5 in FlashROM (Rewritten for 32 bit, equivalent to RISC OS 4.02 with added fun including updated font manager with unicode support and new icon set too)
  • 128MB 64-bit DDR RAM for high speed access at 200MHz
  • UDMA 80GB Hard Drive
  • Support for industry standard interfaces:
    • 2 64-bit PCI slots, 2 32-bit PCI slots
    • 4 USB 1.1 sockets
    • 2 RS232 serial ports
    • 10/10/1000baseT networking port
  • Dedicated high performance graphics card, nVidia GeForce2 MX400 (up to 2048x1536 in 16 million colours)
  • CD quality 16-bit Soundblaster support
  • CD-ReWriter (48x speed)
  • 240 Watt PSU with two near-silent fans
  • Wide range of bundled 32-bit software: Writer+ (word processor with enhanced Word import and export), Fireworkz (spreadsheet with Excel import and export), Oregano 2 (web browser), Messenger Lite (email client), PDF (for reading PDF files), Zool (game), CDBurn (CD writer). Also, USB printing support.
(ps) (Translation: wk)

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JTs Homepage

Spiel: ADOM version 1.1.1 for Amiga and Windows
On the website of Jochen Terstiege you can find Amiga ports of the game ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery) for the different 68k processor types, for PPC and also for Windows (beta) in version 1.1.1. The game has been developed by Thomas Biskup. Further information can be found following the title link. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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Nico Barbat (E-Mail)

ARC 2002 News: Amiga Award 2002
Large acts must be celebrated on a grand scale. As of December 2002 the German print magazin AMIGAplus and varyingly partners are assigning the annual Amiga Award. With this price elected representatives of the Amiga-community are awarded for special achievements during the last 12 months at a time.

The laureates of the Amiga Award 2002 will be honored at the AMIGA + Retro Computing in Aachen, Germany, on 7 December 2002.

Take part in the elections!

Express your Thanks with us to all Amiga developers out there once in a year!

The elections will be put together by one third of these parties: Firstly you as an active or inactive Amiga user, secondly selected representatives of the community and thirdly the editorial staff of AMIGAplus. So you have the opportunity to take part in the appointment of the Amiga Award 2002 laureates!

Among all participants of the election we draw prices in the value of over 1000 Euro, among them one Amiga 1200/060 sponsored by eXpreSystems as well as various games and applications. The winners among the users will be announced on December 20th, 2002.

Participation conclusion is December 6th, 2002, at 15:00 CET. The course of law is excluded as always.

Amiga Award 2002 - Nominees

Please specify a candidate, who (from your point of view) distinguished himself by an innovative product or another special achievement in the year 2002 and who pushed the Amiga one step forward by this action.

The award in this category is sponsored by falkemedia.

AudioLabs (ProStationAudio)

  • bplan GmbH (Pegasos)
  • Bernd Meyer & Harald Frank (Amithlon)
  • E3B - Michael Böhmer (Highway)
  • Eternity Computer (Tales of Tamar)
  • Eyetech (AmigaOne)
  • Grasshopper LLC (PageStream)
  • Hyperion Entertainment (Freespace u.a.)
  • IOSPIRIT (fxSCAN u.a.)
  • ZeoNeo (Planet Zed)

Amiga Award 2002 Extra - Nominees

Additionally to the main category Amiga Award we are assigning the alternating Amiga Award Extra. This year a person or group representing the software developer community (shareware/freeware) shall be honored.

The award in this category is endowed by 250,- Euro and realized in this year by the financial support of Genesi, a fusion of Thendic-France S.A.R.L. and bPlan GmbH.

  • AmiATLAS-Team (AmiATLAS)
  • AWeb-Team (AWeb)
  • Chris Hodges (Poseidon)
  • Gabriele Greco (SDL)
  • ScummVM-Team (ScummVM)
  • SixK (diverse Portierungen)
  • VHT-DK-Team (Anti-Viren-Software)
  • WHDLoad-Team (WHDLoad)
  • WinUAE-Team (WinUAE)
  • YAM-Team (YAM)

Amiga Award 2002 - Free elections

  • Best Amiga hardware 2002
  • Best Amiga software 2002
  • Best Amiga game 2002

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TTEngine 5.2 released
TTEngine is a text rendering environment basing on TrueType Font for AmigaOS. The version 5.2 can be downloaded from the homepage of TTEngine. The new version has the following new features:

  • Fixed UTF-16BE and UTF-32BE encodings, now byte order mark ($0000FEFF) is skipped properly.
  • Added low endian (UTF-16LE and UTF-32LE) and auto detect (UTF-16 and UTF-32) Unicode encodings.
  • Added UTF-8 encoding (conforming to RFC 2279).
(ps) (Translation: wk)

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Petra Struck

ARC 2002 News: AmigaOne will be shown
After it was clear that neither Amiga Inc., nor Eyetech and Hyperion Entertainment will present the new AmigaOne at the AMIGA + RETRO COMPUTING 2002, we started thinking about how to get an AmigaOne to the show anyway.

The solution is an offer from Computer City. Owner Ron van Herk provides his own AmigaOne, and the members of the Amiga-Club im BTX & Internet will do the presentation.

The computer on display is an AmigaOneSE-G3 with 750CXe 600 MHz CPU, equipped with 128 MB SDRAM PC133 and an ATI Radeion 7000 64 MB SDR VGA graphics card with TV-Out, and of course the Cherry Cybo@rd-keyboard that's being sold by Computer City. The operating system installed is only a Suse LinuxPPC 7.3, but it'll give an impression of the hardware. (ps)

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Unofficial G-REX PCI homepage
There is a new website to the topic "G-REX PCI" which you can access under the title link. You will be informed about products and software and there is also a discussion board and a mailing list. (ps) (Translation: dr)

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First picture of ColdFire V4 CPU-card for Amiga
There is a picture of a very early prototype of a ColdFire V4 turbo card for the Amiga 4000 in the news section of (title link). (ps) (Translation: dr)

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KDH News (ANF)

KDH Advent calendar 2002
This year there is the annual Advent calendar at "KDH Datentechnik" again. We will offer you each day until 24th December 2002 a very special Advent offer. You can daily expect a special Amiga highlight.

All offers will be valid for three days.
We wish you a good Advent time and hope many visitors will come to the Amiga fair in Aachen to our stand.

Günter Horbach
KDH Datentechnik (ps) (Translation: dr)

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Homepage for demofreaks
For those ones who like current demos, intros, diskmags, slideshows and packs there is a new homepage where you can easily look for current releases. The site has been created in the Amiga BBS-software Fame design but novices will also get on well with it after a short time. (ps) (Translation: dr)

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IOSPIRIT: fxPAINT V2.0 demo galleries
Due to numerous requests, we have decided to put online two demo galleries created with fxPAINT 2.0. The first gallery uses the dropshadow-skin and slideshow- and fxCARD-options were activated. A second gallery has been created without the use of skins. We hope you enjoy the two demos!

fxPAINT 2.0 can only be preordered until 9th of December 2002 at a reduced price of only 79,00 EUR (89,99 EUR previously). (ps)

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Patrick Jung (ANF)

Amigabest Updated
Amigabest, the website on which Patrick Jung kept busy with Amithlon, has been updated and refurbished with new graphics and Amiga news. The website is available in French and in English. (ps) (Translation: dm)

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Björn Dehmel (ANF)

PC-Magazin Reports on Amiga
PC-Magazin [refers to German edition -dm] reports in its January, 2003 issue on page 15 under the heading New AmigaOne Platform - OS4 Will be Delivered Afterwards about the new AmigaOne.

In this article (which will only appear in the print magazine) it is reported that Eyetech wants to bring the AmigaOne to market before the end of 2002. It is further reported that two mainboards, the AmigaOne GS-SE and the AmigaOne XE will operate under Linux because Amiga OS4 is not ready yet. Additionally it's explained that the boards are based on PPC G3 CPU, are fitted with PC133 SDRAM, work with the VIA-Southbridge 82C686B, but of all things only four USB-1.1 ports will be supported. It is thoroughly described that over two AGP, one 66-MHz-PCI and three 33-MHz-PCI cards may be inserted. Towards the end of the article the different CPUs and pricing are discussed, and in the article it is said to be unclear when Amiga OS4 will appear, at which point Eyetech suggests that the software could be delivered by the end of the year, or the beginning of 2003 at the latest.

A picture is shown in which part of a mainboard with a PowerPC CPU may be seen. (ps) (Translation: dm)

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M. Lueck (ANF)

GRex Petition: Results So Far
M. Lueck:
Today at 10 pm we had in total 256 entries. This list of names was given to DCE and Thendic-France (Bill Buck).

T. Mangold (aka TriMa) and I sincerely thank everyone who participated by signing the petition. We hope now that the gentlemen give it some consideration.

The petition is being continued and we will provide the additional names at a later date. (ps) (Translation: dm)

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VMC Harald Frank (ANF)

New AmithlonTV Beta 161, FAQ and GUI-Screenshots online
In the version AmithlonTV_Beta161.lzx changes are some fixes to Installer Script and fix of small problem that could only happen on systems with less than 2 tv-card or non-existent channel list prefs :) You can simply download the new Beta from our Download section or click just here on it's link name.

Finally we made the AmithlonTV-FAQ section up and ready and added some interresting question/answers that was suggested inside of some comments on various Amiga related newssites.

In screenshot section we added pictures of our current GUI, so that people can get some idea about how it looks like from the user interface side.

Have alot of fun with it :) (ps)

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Michael Böhmer (ANF)

USB Card: SUBWAY Update
SUBWAY will be delivered after a short delay. Unfortunately due to the adapting of SUBWAY to the new Xsurf II things were delayed a bit. So now SUBWAY will be shipped with the latest Poseidon-Update - so HID Classes and improvements are already in there :)

For anyone who would like to have a look at the installation before having the detailed instructions, have a look here and you will see a few helpful (hopefully) pictures that may clarify things for any coming questions. (ps) (Translation: dm)

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beauty (ANF)

New Logos for the most popular programs
There are some new logos for Frying Pan, Yam, VirtualCD, Mp3 to CDDA etc. on my homepage. (ps)

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Olaf Köbnik (E-Mail)

Amiga Arena: OctaMED Soundstudio Notification and Poll
Olaf Köbnik:
After Amiga Arena was able to make possible the further development of the beloved route planner "AmiATLAS," and until today the free release of many shareware programs, we are very happy to share with you that another valuable part of Amiga software history will be further developed as we move into the future.

Through so far positive talks I succeeded in convincing RBF Software (Ray Burt Frost) that "OctaMED SoundStudio" for the Amiga should be further developed.

The sources are already in the possession of possible future developers for a closer look. After evaluating considerations and market conditions and the last contractual agreements of both parties the advancement of the development should proceed as quickly as possible.

To identify bugs in the short term and add new functions in the future everyone is requested to send reports and suggestions on these subjects Amiga Arena or alternately you could post these in the news forum of our partner site

Please share with me in this interest for further development of OctaMED, all your experiences and wishes! (ps) (Translation: dm)

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Andreas Just (ANF)

Amiga Complete without Software for Tax Clarifications?
Andreas Just:
I got the following mail from Fa. Olufs yesterday (shortened):

Your update of the income tax program for 2002 is ready. All legal changes including the tax effects of the Riester pension. The self-printed forms are of good quality and the price has not been changed.

[snip ...]

Note to Amiga and Atari customers: we had to shutter this enterprise, but you'll have a lot of joy with the Windows version.

On the homepage there is no direct notice given, except that no updates are available for Amiga. It is such a shame to lose another program. (ps)

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Thomas Frieden (ANF)

False OS4 Beta Possibly a Trojan
In the last few days a so-named Amiga OS4 beta has popped up. It is anything but a real beta version. An investigation revealed that the program gives out a series of messages and pictures from WoASE that have been childishly altered.

It is unknown if the program also tries to harm one's data, therefore we wish to warn everybody to avoid running it. (ps) (Translation: dm)

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Chris Hodges (E-Mail)

USB-Stack: Poseidon Update V1.32
Dear Poseidon Users,

some time has passed since I spoke to you the last time with good news, but it tastes best, when you don't expect it. So let's get right to the goodies:

- The HID class is finally in a state that allows a release. Try it, you'll love it :) There's now full support for wheels (as many as you have) and any special key on the keyboard. Tablets are supported aswell (as long as they're confirming to the HID specs). Some features are still missing, but I don't think they'll hurt you right now. Just one thing: Please read the docs. There's about 20KB of it for the hid.class alone, and don't be offended, when I'll just reply with RTFM to some of your queries.

- This is only for the underpriviledged Highway/Subway-Users: The driver has been optimized a bit and now allows reading in data at a speed that is very much comparable to a certain PCI solution (at least if you've got a fast machine).

- Trident has been updated. It now supports so-called forced bindings. This allows you to fix an interface or an device to a certain class. Use with care. But it comes in handy with the new...

- Rawwrap.class. Yes, this is a wrapper class that makes it possible to speak to an USB interface through a standard exec device (usbraw.device). This class can be used for BetaScan. It might also work with SpitFire and some other programs.

- Some more options and workarounds for the massstorage.class were added.

- Heaps of bugs were fixed. Thanks to all those users who reported them.

The update can be downloaded from as usually. (ps)

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Jens Schönfeld (ANF)

ARC 2002 News: Jeri Ellsworth's flight confirmed
United/Lufthansa has confirmed Jeri Ellsworth's flight today. The young American has become the star of the 8-bit scene with her C-One design. She will present the Commodore One for the first time in Europe at the AMIGA + RETRO COMPUTING 2002.

The new computer can be turned into nearly any home computer of the 80s, and its reconfigurable hardware is a revolution in computer technology for home use. Unfortunately, the board will not be for sale at the fair, because the design has been improved to be even more flexible only a few days before production start. The new date for production start is now January 2nd, 2003. (ps)

[News message: 28. Nov. 2002, 03:08] [Comments: 0]
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Andreas Magerl (ANF)

Amiga Future Urgently Needs a Layout Person
The print magazine 'Amiga Future' is urgently seeking a new layout person. This new person should have the necessary hardware and software, and experience.

Amiga Future is a non-profit project. This means that collected funds, which are counted, are divided between the editors and the layout person. The publication itself doesn't earn anything.

So the layout person doesn't work for nothing... but he or she surely won't get rich! Interested layout people may apply as soon as possible to or better give us a call 0174/9197036 (24h).

Because of this problem we aren't sure when the issue #39 of Amiga Future will be published. (ps) (Translation: dm)

[News message: 28. Nov. 2002, 01:28] [Comments: 0]
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